Project #9 – New Evolution Concert: Chae-Smile (July 28, 2012)

For CLTBF’s 9th project, we wanted to show our love and support to 2NE1, especially Chaerin as they embark on their 1st world tour kicking it off with New Evolution in Seoul, Korea on July 28 and 29. We have always said that we wanted to put a smile on Chaerin’s face with our project and that is exactly what we set out to do and will continue to do as long as we can. Each gift was thoughtfully selected even though we had to make some minor adjustments; we’re very pleased with the final result.

The gifts were delivered on July 28 at 12:30PM KST at NEWECON! Thanks to our wonderful friends from LEECHAELIN.COM who graciously helped deliver on our behalf. We are forever indebted to your kindness and we cannot thank you enough.

Our mango wreath ^^

The banner was made by our talented graphic designer, Scrooge. Isn’t it awesome? We made sure those who have generously donated be included in our project and what better way to express our deepest appreciation and thanks to all of you than to put it on the banner for everyone to see.

Thank you to all the wonderful Clovers that helped us with “CL-ROO, I LOVE YOU” part of the project. Here’s a closer look at what we did. Our graphic designer, mame-vh designed these. Aren’t they cute?

Each card was attached to each balloon.

Thank you very much to all of you who participated in this project by way of sending in your messages, your postcards, your donation and your love. All of us here in CLTBF believe that every little thing you have shared to this project has brought a thousand smile on Chaerin’s face. It’s good to let her know that in almost all parts of the world someone believes in her, is willing to rally behind her no matter what and is willing to break barriers and accept that being different is actually beautiful.

Thank you once again because without your love, generous donation, and support none of this would’ve been possible. Clovers, we hope we made you proud.

♥ CL-roo, We love you!! ♥

Till our next ‘make Chaerin-smile’ project , we bid everyone adieu
From all of us at


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