Project #8 – Happy 3rd Anniversary, 2NE1 (May 14, 2012)

CLTheBaddestFemale (해외팬 CLTBF)’s 8th Project is completed: Happy 3rd Anniversary, 2NE1!

Good day to you all CL-overs. Wouldn’t you say that today is a good day?

We would like to update you on the gifts we prepared for CL and the girls on their third year anniversary. All of the gifts were delivered to CL at the YG Building on 14 May 2012 at 3:30 pm (local time).


The gifts that were finally delivered were a little different from what we originally planned. The plan was to purchase two (2) shirts and make a customized hoodie for CL but due to shortage of fund, we opted for another shirt which we thought CL would love.

We bought a Rebell Yell’s ‘ Have a nice day’ pullover that if worn would be a little bit off-shouldered and hanging. It became even clear that we made the right choice when we saw CL enjoying one of her days playing on her mini trampoline. keke Can you just imagine her playing on this trampoline wearing this cute shirt?


Seven outfits, seven figurines, seven days of happiness. The seven figurines that we planned to give her came out well. These seven figurines were designed wearing seven different outfits she wore from “Fire”, “MAMA 2009″, “Ugly”, “Go Away”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Try To Follow Me”, and “Nolza – CL’s solo stage”. We really believe that this will be a beautiful reminder of just how much she has grown as an artist in the last three years and this is something she can keep for a very long time.

Rice charms

The riceys came out so well. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Muddie from who helped us get these riceys for the girls. We ordered these riceys from her and she did an exceptional job on them. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Snacks and Drinks

We also purchased tea and “Balloon Flower extracts” drinks which has been known to help with sore throat and coughs. Along with that we bought snacks for CL to munch on. We want to show Chae that we’re always thinking about her health and her well-being.  And not forgetting the staff that also help 2NE1 day in and day out, we gifted the staff three (3) boxes of Vitamin C drinks and added a little cheering message too ^__^.

’52 reasons’ Message Book

We made sure everyone was included in this project through the message book.  Along with the message, I wrote a long heartfelt letter to CL just telling her how much we love her and how much she means to us. I explained our reason for making this message book and why she’s beautiful to each and everyone of us. CL is beautiful because CL is just BEAUTIFUL.

This is all because of you, CLOVERS!  Thank you to those who contributed in one way or another in our project.  Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart ♥ You helped us remind Chae how beautiful she is to us and how much we love her. Give yourself a round of applause and a pat on the back because without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you to all the generous donors, thank you to those who submitted reason(s), thank you to those who helped spread the word about the project. We really can’t thank everyone enough for all your love and support. We’re very thankful T_T .

Our goal for this project, like with all of our projects, is to put a smile on CL’s beautiful face and we believe we have achieved that. Have you seen the video uploaded by 2NE1? Hey, it’s on their official channel, didn’t you know? Well, what did CL say? Hmmm, take a look for yourself….

“Like for our 3rd year anniversary, they wrote a letter to me,
Carefully stating the reasons I AM BEAUTIFUL
They wrote that… and I read it.
I felt like they… like they really really loved me.
And although crying isn’t my style, I got teary from that.
By myself.
I got all teary like that because of a fan letter.”

How can it get any better than this — CL sincerely thanking us for the message book and for the letter, CL saying she feels we love her? Goal achieved! ♥☺ We have put a smile on her face and her heart!

Here’s a better look of some of the designs to show you what was in the message book. Our graphic designer, Verena (mame-v) worked really hard on all 52 designs. Thank you, Verena! ^__^ Please refer back to this 52 Reasons why CL is Beautiful

The fan manger also sent us a courtesy email and texted to let us know that CL received our gifts and how happy she was upon seeing our gifts.

So what do you say, it is really a good day, isn’t it? ☺

We also donated 210,000 won to ‘2NE1 Fans-United Support Project’ for disabled children at Yonsei Severance Hospital in Seoul

We may be a thousand miles from where CL is, but we believe our love transcends any borders and time zones. We will continue to support CL in every way possible.

We hope for many more years of 2NE1 happiness. May you continue to celebrate many more anniversaries together ♥ #3YEARS2NE1

To our beautiful and wonderful Chaerin, we will always love and support you ♥ WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♥

Thank you to my lovely staff at CLTBF. I’m very blessed to have you girls.

Until the next project , I bid everyone adieu
From all of us at


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