Project #7: Happy 22nd Birthday CL! QUEENCLXXII (February 26, 2012)


As a part of this project, we’ve also gotten aspiring rapper & CL’s No. 1 fanboy(self-proclaimed keke) to create a song for her. xLivinInSin had also graciously agreed to create a video for this tribute. Thank you all for your hard work!!

Best I Ever Had – emceeRANTSOM

The gifts were delivered to CL on 12/02/22 at 2:00 PM in front of the YG Building. 2NE1 had a schedule that day so the fan manager said CL wouldn’t be able to see the gifts until that night or the following day. We had orignally planned to purchase the Christian Louboutin black and gold version, but it was sold out TT but lo and behold I came across Neiman Marcus’ website and they had a pair in stock and in CL’s size. It worked out in the end because CL’s favorite colors are black and white and the version they had was a perfect match for our Queen keke. The art set we wanted was out of stock too so I looked into Prismacolor Premier and purchased the 72-piece colored pencil set along with the Prismacolor premier sharpener. From the reviews I’ve read, it’s highly recommended by artists.

We also collaborated with and welovechaerin to make the most epic cake ever! The master at LeeChaelin was kind enough and tweeted this to us via twitter, “The fan manager said CL really really liked the cake and said it is really pretty~^^

We also purchased “Well-Being Pear Juice with Balloon Flower extracts” drinks which has been known to help with sore throat and  relieve irritation. The box contain 50 single packets. We want to show Chae that we’re always thinking about her health.

 We had a few setbacks, but it all worked out at the end ^__^

The fan manger sent us an email and text to let us know that CL received our gifts and how happy she was upon seeing our gifts.

She even sent a text as a confirmation:

방금 선물 직접 다 전해드리고 왔습니다

너무너무 좋아하셨습니다

직접 선물 다 챙겨보는 모습까지 보고 왔는데 너무 흐뭇하네요

감사합니다 .

We just directly delivered all the presents. She really really loved them. 

I went to see her receiving the presents so (I could see) she was very happy.

Thank you.

This is all because of you, CLOVERS! You made this possible. Give yourself a round of applause and a pat on the back because without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you to all the generous donors, thank you, thank you to those who submitted their photos and messages, thank you to those who helped spread the word about the project. Thank you! thank you! I really can’t thank everyone enough for your love and support.

Our main goal was to put a smile on CL’s beautiful face and I believe we achieved that. Dara (president of CL’s Fanclub) recently updated her me2day with a photo of young Chaerin along with this message:

“Congrats! CL birthday~!!!^.^ Happy birthday to Chaerin today~!!! Since it’s a day of commemoration, I’m throwing in one photo of Young Chaerin! keke Isn’t she just so pure?!? ke Now this child uses fire on stage to light it up with charisma!+.+ Kya~! She’s very thankful to the fans who prepared for her birthday~! While reading the fan letters, she was about to cry.^_^ Heartwarming~”

We may be a thousand miles apart from CL, but we believe our love transcends any border. We will continue to support CL in every way possible.

Thank you to my lovely staff at CLTBF. I’m very blessed to have you girls ❤

♥ ♥ Happy Birthday Chaerin. We wish you nothing but happiness, good health, love and success. We love you!! ♥ ♥

Until the next project , I bid everyone adieu 
From all of us at 


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