Project #14 – CL “The Baddest Female” Flies Solo! (June 2, 2013)

CLTheBaddestFemale (해외팬 CLTBF)’s 14th Project is completed!!

Our apologies for the delay.

Our multi-talented leader just released her highly anticipated solo single, “The Baddest Female” on May 28 and to celebrate yet another milestone in CL’s career, we collaborated with CL-fansites to make CL know our united, wholehearted support.

Here’s what happened to the gifts we prepared for CL.

All of the gifts except the message book were delivered to CL at SBS Inkigayo Studio on June 2nd. We waited for June 23 to give CL the message book as this was the same day she held a mini fan meeting with Blackjacks and when she officially wrapped up her solo activities (CL pre-recorded her performance for the 6/30 broadcast on 6/23) ^^

Our main gift is the customized crystal award. We thought long and hard about it and at the end we decided on the crystal award from ‘Things ‘Remembered‘. We believe this is a perfect and meaningful way to celebrate CL’s solo debut and this serve as a reminder that we are proud of her and we have always been since day 1.

On June 2, CL had her debut stage at SBS Inkigayo with “The Baddest Female” and in celebration of this occasion we gifted CL with a bouquet of flowers and balloons.  (As well all know our adorable BabyRin loves balloons ^__^) We opted for the large ‘CL GZB’ balloons, however on the day of the delivery we were informed that the ‘G’ popped and the ‘Z B’ balloons deflated due to the hot weather. Fortunately though the ‘C L’ balloons were perfectly fine, phew, so we were able to give the “C & L” balloons to her. The fan manager was kind enough to take a photo of the balloons inside CL’s dressing room.

CL loved it so much that she even uploaded on Instagram a GORGEOUS photo of herself holding the balloons.

We gave CL the engraved crystal award, spongebob + patrick plushies, and arnicare gel on June 9th due to shipping delay TT


It’s all thanks to our wonderful donors. YOU made Chae happy, you made it happen. Thank you very much for donating, supporting, and participating in our last project. We have said it many times before, but none of this would’ve been possible without your generous contributions. Thank you ♥ ♥

We want to give a big thank you to staffs (especially tbf_cl) for being so kind and for helping to deliver the balloons on our behalf ^___^!!

A special thank you to Ann unnie for helping us also ♥

=Check out CL union – Food support & Bus Ad=

Doesn’t this look scrumptious? Yum!


**(We had some some money leftover so CL union did a 2nd mini food support on June 9th for CL and staff)**

We thought we could do something a little extra special so, CLTBF, and decided to give CL these cute cupcakes.


A big THANK YOU to

@leechaerin_com @WeLoveChaerin @QueenCL_com
@CL2NE1indo @ChaerinThailand @CLBar_Baidu

for coming together and working with us to support “The Baddest Female”. CL union ♥ 짱!

The bus looks amazing, doesn’t it?! The ad will run for a month and it will hit all the popular stops in Seoul and by this we hope many will continue to support our wo-wo-wo-wonderful Chaerin~

More info about Bus 273

This route covers over 10 universities throughout Seoul and is, unsurprisingly, a prominent bus for college students commuting to class. (Hongik University, Yonsei University, Sung Kyun Kwan University, Korea University, etc)

We want to thank our generous donors for helping us reach our goal.Your contributions enable us to partake in this special project and support CL on her solo debut.

This project  is all about giving Chaerin our love, warmth, and support which has been the #1 priority since the very beginning.

Once again, thank you to all the wonderful fansites that participated in this project and thank you to all the amazing Baddest Lovers out there. Without your help, this would not have been possible.


One June 5, CL liked 2 photos of CL union’s bus ads.

We love you so much CL and we love you CLovers.

Until the next project , we bid everyone adieu 
From all of us at
 ♥ ♥


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