Project #10 – CLTBF’s 3rd Anniversary + How CL Inspires Us ♥ (November 9, 2012)

Hello everyone! ^_^

As you may recall, we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary on October 21, 2012! Wohoooo!!

We have seen how CL has been these last few years and we have said it time and again how she has inspired us (and continue to do so) to live our dreams, be true to who we really are, or sometimes even just to extend a helping hand for another. Thus, this project revolved around that and of course we can’t forget about Chae’s health (ie; the bruises on her knees)

All the gifts were delivered on November 9, 2012 at 12:30 PM KST.

Some photos from the message/photobook ^__^

The manager with our cupcakes ^_^

We want to thank our wonderful friends from LEECHAERIN.COM (@Frolicker_21 @wwlfltwwflt @tbf_cl) who graciously helped us with this project and helped deliver on our behalf. We can’t thank you enough T__T

Thank you very much to all of you who participated in this project by way of your donation, re-tweeting our project on twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc, sending in your photos, submitting your messages, and your love. All of us here at CLTBF believe that every little thing you have shared to this project has brought a thousand smile on Chaerin’s face.

To all of our wonderful CLovers, we can’t thank all of you enough for the awesome amount of love and support you’ve given us for the past 3 years ♥ _♥

Thank you once again Clovers!! Without your love, generous donation, and support none of this would have been possible. We hope we made you proud. Thank you so much.

Chaerin, thank you for continually inspiring us to stay strong, have fun, and stay as ONE. Because of you we’re able to celebrate another year filled with love and joy. We love you Lee Chaerin and we will continue to show you our love and support to many more great years to come.

Until the next project , we bid everyone adieu 
From all of us at


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