Project#4 – 2NE1 1st Concert “NOLZA” (August 28, 2011)

CLTheBaddestFemale’s 4th Project is Completed!

Our gifts inside 2NE1’s waiting room. This photo was sent by the fan manager ^^

Hello! ^^;

We want to thank everyone for making our 4th project a success. While we did encounter some kind of setbacks along the way, your generosity and support (along with the help of our friends) made it possible for us to pull this project off successfully. The gifts were delivered on August 28, 2011 at 3:30 PM

♥ The Rice Wreath ♥

Thank you so much to our friends at CL-Story, we collaborated with them and we were able to donate 500kg of rice=1,102.29 lbs of rice. HR and HJ ^^ Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The rice wreaths CL saw for all 3 days from August 26-28 at NOLCON

I think I’m like a proud momma for what we have all done to accomplish and participate in this rice wreath unification project. Why? Simply because the project was participated TOGETHER by not just one or two fan sites but 23 different fan sites from different parts of the world and that showed that 2ne1 fans can work together and come as ONE for such a good cause. I’m very very very proud of everyone.

Sujini and the master from CL-Story delivered the gifts to the fan-manager and as promised, the fan manager sent us an email to let us know 2NE1 received the gifts we delivered.

The email the manager sent to us.
A photo of CL with our snacks on the table

I just want to give a big big big THANK YOU to the following; Edlyn, J unnie, HJ, Iris, and Taz for all your help *belly button bow*

Here are the lists of gifts:
4 shirts
2 Bears
40 drinks (For 2NE1 and staffs)
Packaged snacks (For 2NE1)


Our gifts shown on 2NE1TV

This project wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of everyone involved. For the donors, you will see your name in the card that was attached to the bouquet. Thank you to all the Clovers who provided their name and location. If you look carefully at the shirt, you will see your name in the shape of a gun keke
To everyone, I humbly thank you. We can’t thank you enough for your love and support. To know that CL was very happy to receive the gifts makes this project worthwhile and a big success in my opinion. A round of applause for everyone. Until the next project! ^^ Thank you so much.

We love you Lee Chaerin

From all of us at CLTheBaddestFemale


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