Project#3 – CLTheBaddestFemale welcome 2NE1 to Manila (June 4, 2011)


For our third project, we decided to get 2NE1 a welcoming tarp and CL balloons (since she loves balloons) as a way to show the girls our love and support since it was their first time in Manila as a group. We also gifted 2NE1 with snacks, a card for CL, and Daesung ^^

Here is a response from Happee Sy when one of our staff contacted Happee after the PARTY, read the conversation below ^___^

CLTBF (1:44 PM): Miss Happee, Congratulations on PULP’s overwhelming success for THE PARTY. It was smashing! Even the opening acts were awesome! I hope you invite 2ne1 again soon.

happeesy@*****.com (1:50 PM): yeah.. i hope so too.. i told them before eh, they didnt wanna believe there are fans here.. kaya they just tried it.. next time full on na were you guys the one who sent the pink CL balloons?

CLTBF (1:54 PM): The balloons were costly. We would’ve wanted to give each girl balloon arrangements and a “2NE1” arrangement as well but we were short on time and budget.hahaha. Next time, when they come back we’ll be all out too. Thank you!

happeesy@*****.com (1:55 PM): hahahah I know, im sure! hahahah but thanks, CL loved it! as in!

happeesy@*****com (1:55 PM): she kept saying im the baddest female! hahahah

CLTBF (1:56 PM): awww! we are so overwhelmed !!!! It makes all the work worth it! You wouldnt mind the expenses!

happeesy@*****.com (1:58 PM): no prob.. thats whats important.. she appreciated it.. when she passed by .. she said, “oh yeah, im the baddest female!” hahahhaha

Our girls, particularly CL was able to pass by several times in the area where the tarp and balloons were displayed. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. I can honestly say, it was a success *bows*


Our gifts in the waiting room ^__^

You can read the fanaccount here:

June 4, 2011

HOTEL INTERCON: 2ne1 Press Conference

Makati, Philippines


Perhaps it would be an understatement to say that tension was palpable as I sat down the lobby of Hotel Intercon waiting for Toni and the Infiknights to come.It was a mixture of emotions as I sat by the divan worrying about the gifts of both Infiknights and CLthebaddestfemale AND the balloons for CL. I could remember each event in flashback while I sat there alone for almost an hour waiting. (no I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty that I was sitting there alone for an I kid :D ) The night before, we were all ruffled that the gifts wouldnt make it because J-unnie and Elaine (infiknights) personally went to Intercon to deliver the gifts a day earlier. And how were they greeted? Rejection and denial. Pulp organizer told JYL to leave the gifts at the hotel’s reception under Pulp’s name but it seemed Intercon was following a different SOP because they were no where near accepting the gifts. Perhaps because the press con was scheduled the day after (June 4) that’s why they’re not entertaining any fans yet? I do not know in detail what had transpired in their trip, but both of them told me that it was indeed “Red Alert”; on top of that Annie (in charge of the CL balloons) was texting me about the permit for the balloons, we were fussing about how to get them into Intercon because it would NOT be easy to slip those balloon arrangememts through our bags with the boasting height of 4 feet EACH. We were worried that neither Intercon nor Pulp would let the balloons in because there was no initial memo about them. Although I heard that Toni wrote to Happee Sy about the balloon arrangements, but there was no confirmation for the approval yet. As I repeat in my mind the qualms of the night, I couldnt help but feel anxious.

What the heck do we do if this fails?

Would we succeed? Are the girls getting the gifts? Would CL know in the flesh how much we love her? How much effort we’ve put for THE PARTY? I swore to them and to myself that CL and the girls were getting those gifts and she would see those balloons even if I had to crawl to Pulp’s organizer. She had to recieve them, she deserves the love and the gifts. More so, too much MONETARY and EMOTIONAL investment was already in the project to go to waste. And so with research and a bit of *coughcharmcough* I contacted 2 moderators from 2ne1PH (Philippines Official fanclub) and practically begged them and what do you know? They were so nice, as in so NICE to allow us to bring in the gifts for the girls as they would personally leave the gifts in 2ne1′s waiting room. Could we get any luckier? I am eternally indebted to 2ne1PH’s moderators, absolutely thankful to them! Without them, I do not know where our efforts would stand right now. Thank you 2ne1PH~

Gifts down, one more to go.

The balloons were perhaps the most stressful part of the whole ordeal because we were definitely floating in thin air with them. 2ne1PH mods were telling me PULP wasn’t replying and they too were unsure if the balloons would be allowed for the presscon, but they were telling us to still give it try. And try WE DID.

As I sat beside the concierge with CLthebaddestfemale’s gifts stacked near my feet (can I just say how HEAVY those boxes were. lol), watching as every person swept by the main entrance headed to god-knows-where today; I really couldn’t help but feel nervous (I was even double checking if I was in the right hotel haha) I could tell though, a large percent of the people going in and out of the hotel were there for 2ne1′s press conference; maybe because of their fashion statements that day, or their youthful, party-esque aura? Or maybe because of the excitement in their eyes as they entered through the double doors? It was amusing to watch different people fangirling/boying about 2ne1, even some adults near me mind you, were saying how thrilled they were.

When infiknights came, Annie’s first greeting to me was, “Vel, the balloon arrangements are on stand by. They’re waiting for the go signal.”

Me and Annie told ourselves: This was it…to hell or high waters, we’re doing this and we were not messing up in any way.

Annie and I talked to the hotel guards and asked if we could send in the balloons as it was a gift from an international fansite for CL. The guards were pretty nice to talk to, they allowed saying that if it was a gift then it was absolutely fine. Annie and I were literally smiling ear to ear.

Guard: “If the Grand Ballroom is where those balloons are supposed to be, then why wouldn’t I allow it to be there?” Mr. Guard, you do not know how much philosophical and all the more touching that mini-speech was??? I LOVE YOU. But he was right, was he not? If it was a gift, why wouldn’t they allow it? Who the heck turns down free gifts in this era? haha.

So Annie and I waited at the main entrance for the balloons to arrive, and just at the right time, Toni came! We said hi, and the 3 of us waited for the delivery van. The balloons finally arrived and the minute we saw the magenta and violet color scheme we were already fangirling on how cute they were. We initially planned to set them up by the main entrance and pass there, but since a lot of people were already swarming by the entrance we were asked to go around the building, through the delivery entrance and set the balloons up at the Grand Ballroom already. With that, Toni and Annie started setting up the balloons.

I was left at the main lobby, waiting for 2ne1PH’s mod. We were to meet up for the gifts and as I saw her and came to her with the bag of presents she was smiling and complimenting how the gifts looked pretty; both Infiknight’s and Clthebaddestfemale’s. They were also happy that we gave gifts to the other 3 girls and Daesung. I believe that her thanking us for giving the other girls gifts as well was very heart warming. I think it shows in a way, that even though we are CL-stans we are still Blackjacks at heart. And no matter how much other people try to break us apart, we will continuously show them that having a favorite girl doesn’t mean the end of the world. We love 2ne1 as a whole, as a group and it is always a must to show that love to all 4. Speaking of which, we would just like to clarify on why only CL had the balloon arrangement. As much as we desperately want to give the other girls or 2NE1 itself the balloons, they were PRETTY COSTLY and we were only able to afford 2 letters, hence, CL. But given the time and budget we would’ve loved to splurge on all the girls.

Finally, we were asked to register at the second floor in front of the Grand Ballroom where the table was divided into 3 (Web Partners, Media and Press). It was a very intimate gathering with less than 50 people present and those without names in the guest list were not allowed to enter, they even asked for our IDs to confirm our identities. Security was everywhere and they were so uptight.

While waiting in line we heard Pulp staffers talking, saying that organizers took a picture of the CL BALLOONS because they found it pretty!


We entered the venue and there were designated seats. Front was the MEDIA, middle was the PRESS and back was the WEB, we were at the first line of the web partners, left side, it was a decent view if people were all sitting. But it was a bit far back for a good view especially when tons of cameras and cameramen where there in front scrambling. I could recognize some local TV personalities, Gab Valenciano (?) Iya Villana and a DJ from myx whose name I do not know LOL. Valenciano was fanboying about Dara and it was the cutest thing, I couldn’t pry further into their conversation, but he was so hyped while talking about Dara and Iya was talking about CL. It was nice to know that celebrities were blackjacks to the core too.

We waited for more than an hour, the organizers filling us in with the DOs and DONTs, how the press con will flow and whatnot. I couldn’t help but smile at everything J-unnie, Elaine and Toni were saying whether it be random stuff or just anticipated questions and all. There was this uplifting mood in that room, floating in cloud nine with no reason to go down. Everyone was so excited and Giselle Sanchez finally appeared and gave the introductions. We knew what was coming next: 2ne1 Music filled the hall accompanied by shout and screams of incoherent words and 2ne1′s names. This was just the press con and the reaction was so INTENSE, what more would it sound like in the actual concert?

As they walked out and into our visions, I swear I saw the most ethereal beings in my existence. They were beautiful, so much more breath taking in real life. They were like porcelain dolls taken out from the display stand and their fashion was minimalist black with a definite edge was a perfect combination. Anyone who says 2ne1 girls are ugly is probably schitzophrenic, because they were all gorgeous! Bom and CL’s hair colors were really grabbing, esp. when the lights hit them, they glow and sparkle. They were all very slim, and much thinner than their TV appearances.

How can human beings be so beautiful?

The room was filled with whisperings and comments:

“They’re so pretty”

“They look amazing in person”

Insert all the flattering lines in here, that’s how people were awed with them and I have no more words to add because seriously once you see them in person words will have no meaning, you will just gawk not just because of their beauty but because of their PRESENCE.

Bom was a goddess, no doubt. Her legs were tantalizing and her small face made her really look like a Barbie. Her eyes were so round and she was just so pretty~ she was the most ulzzang (correct my spelling) looking among the girls. Her slender long legs are unsurprisingly every fanboy’s dream. I don’t know how people could say Bom is fat too, because as she stood before us, she was so thin and tall. Her waist isn’t that much pronounced that’s all, but she’s banging nonetheless! Bom talked really softly like Minji, maybe she wasn’t used to speaking her mind in foreign territory? And when she smiled she looked like a tender rabbit or a chipmunk with fluffy cheeks. Seeing it in 2ne1tv made me want to pinch her, but seeing it in person, I swear I could roll her in sugar… such a sweet face.  When she said “Ako si Bom” and “Mahal ko kayo” the crowd just went wild. I was waiting the whole time to hear Bom speak in English; why doesn’t she flaunt her skills? I was craving to hear her English but she spoke in Korean the whole time. Dara even informed the audience that when her friends from the Philippines send her packed lunch she shares with the members and Bommie was already addicted to Filipino food.

Maknae Minji’s V line was utterly beautiful, the way her jaws were trimmed by her hair cut and her slight weight lost was just so amazing. Black color really suited Minji, it made her glow so much and made her look youthful. I definitely prefer it over her orange color in CN promotions. I could tell that Minji was the cute shy maknae really, when questions were asked to her she was just so adorable I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home. When asked who she wanted to do a dance battle with outside of YG she answered Taeyang still, she even mentioned her Se7en oppa. When Minji was being asked she always turned to CL, like it was a sign of approval to go on and CL would nod her head encouragingly. Like she’s saying, “go on… it’s alright.” Leader would even repeat the questions for Minji and I cannot see how people can say Minji and CL are not close! Or that they are not in good terms because Minji definitely looked like her most precious baby sister!!! CHAEZY LOVE is REAL! Aside from that Minji’s tagalog sentences were so cute! I seriously want to take her home as my sister. But it was brighter and clearer than day, our maknae is really growing up to be a fine woman, seeing her in person makes me testify that she is indeed radiant!

Dara, it’s like she hasn’t changed at all, in some of the pictures and CFs she might look older but in real life, it was like years never passed! Not to mention her playful character adds more to her charm, hearing her speak in Filipino again made it nostalgic. It was nice to know she was so fluent still. But she was so petite! She had the smallest built among the girls it made her look like the maknae instead. She said that she always misses the Philippines and the she craves for Filipino food all the time. 2NE1 even commented that Dara talked about the Philippines almost every single day. And when she was asked if she would engage into acting in the future, she says she welcomes the possibility, but not this soon. She expressed how happy she was coming back to the Philippines esp. that she was with 2NE1 this time and she is overwhelmed by the love of Filipino Blackjacks too. When asked about Christian Bautista’s fear of getting BOO-ed Dara reassured everyone with something along the lines of: “Filipino Blackjacks are not like that, I can assure you myself that it wouldn’t happen because I’m a fan of Papa Christian too.”

CL, on the other hand was just spellbinding, she had this air of refinement like Kate Middleton or Victoria Beckham as she walked and talked. It was the complete opposite of the CL we see burning the stage with her swagger and fierceness. She was again riding on opposite poles. Giselle was in CL-fangirl mode for a moment saying something like: “CL! Show us how fierce you are! Come on, show us that fierceness.” And I could visibly see CL blushing slightly at Giselle’s ministrations. It was so cute!  When 2NE1 was asked about a secret the fans are yet to find out, Bom or was it Dara who replies, “In truth, CL is really cute.”  It is an understatement to say CL is beautiful and it’s definitely not exaggeration to say she is regally gorgeous. Her smile was so infectious that once she turns to your direction your mind blanks out and all you remember is her image imprinted. Bom was not lying when she said that Chaerin could just stand in a corner and do nothing yet still ooze with charisma. I could definitely feel her charisma spilling over and when she talked, the silky and fraught tone of her voice was like honey to my ears. At first I was wondering why she was speaking in Korean, but after a few sentences her English skills kicked in and it was really impressive, she has this twang that makes it endearing to listen to. From her words, you could definitely tell she was the leader. She would often try to catch the awkward silences and confidence echoed as she spoke. When asked about how they found the Philippines, she says that they felt really welcomed especially T the airport. She says that she’d love to perform on stage and she’s looking forward to the concert. An adorable instance in the question and answer portion was CL’s undying love for Papa Teddy. When asked about their favorite boy band CL without hesitation picks 1Tym, affectionately adding her Papa Teddy’s name and laughing. One thing that really had me though is that, I learned during the press con while listening to her answers and seeing her reactions, CL has a good sense of humor that made the crowd laugh from time to time.

Bom: Ako si Bom, mahal ko kayo! (I am Bom, I love you)

Minji: Ako si Minji, magandang gabi sa inyo! (I am Minji, Good evening everyone!)

Crowd: How about CL?

CL looks at the crowd and smiles: “Well, I only learned this.” Waves her hand like Dara’s beauty pageant wave. “Only this.” She smiles and waves some more. 

Crowd: Laughter

The press con ended with a light mood, with the girls thanking their fans and anticipating the concert. Seeing them in the press con increases everyone’s hype by 5 notches up.


When the conference ended Toni and I took some pictures with the CL balloons and tarp and what surprised us the most was that people were taking pictures with it too. It felt so fulfilling seeing them standing beside our balloons and appreciating them. I swear as we walked out to the lounge Toni, Annie and I were just spazzing over how successful those balloons were. Just thinking about the fact that CL was able to see them as she passed by the entrance was enough. All the toils and hard work felt worth it, the gifts and the balloons were both delivered well. We were all spazzing still in the lounge, not leaving. We were waiting for them to come out and pass by. Bom suddenly went out and people were screaming her name she then entered the ballroom again and everyone down the whole was left wanting for more.

It took a few more hours, we were all sitting down, reviewing the videos and pictures, fangirling and everything else in between. We felt accomplished, ABSOLUTELY accomplished. Why? Because just last night we were twisting our brains thinking of how to get the project going to its final stage and we were all so stressed about it. And when the presscon happened, BAM~ it was like fate just went our way and things flowed smoothly. Every little detail was a success.

Just when we thought they wouldn’t be coming out until the next hour, Bom steps out again followed by Minji and CL. J-unnie told me that from her position and what she saw, CL was looking at our balloons. YES, looking at our balloons and SMILING while Bommie was pointing at them and smiling as well. How can you not feel so overwhelmed? In the next few seconds the 3 girls were walking out towards the hall where we were gathered waiting for them and just like a blur, a surreal dream they passed by our way. People were screaming to the top of their lungs (Replay J-unnie’s hysterical: “WE LOVE YOU CL!”) If you guys heard it first hand, Unnie sounded like she was screaming with her life depending on it. So much passion and dedication. CL waved and smiled at us all throughout with that mesmerizing eye smile of hers that definitely was more captivating outside the 4 boxes of our monitors. Seeing her like that, I felt like the edges of my 20/20 vision were melting. She was ethereal. She was so drop-dead gorgeous and the way she walked her catwalk would leave ANYONE stunned. My eyes were inevitably on CL the whole time though I could also see Minji’s adorable waves and bright smile and Bom’s subtle smiles. CL was like a whirlwind that struck us, I can’t even place it in words. I was speechless and I swear any guy to let her pass is a fool because she has this gravitating personality that draws in non-fans and potential fans.

She’s the spike in every heartbeat. The kick in a bottle of apple vodka.

And her smiling face is one of the memories you would want to hold dear all your life.

Fan Account of


2 responses to “Project#3 – CLTheBaddestFemale welcome 2NE1 to Manila (June 4, 2011)

  1. thanks for sharing your experience… by reading your blog, word by word.. i felt like i was able to see her personally too.. thank you so much!

  2. Wow this is such a great site & I’m so glad you guys were able to give Daesung a letter too! I really want to start a website like this for Daesung as well ^^ Keep up the good work guys. I’m sure yall made some of CL’s happiest moments 🙂

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