Project#2 – CL Coming-of-Age & 2NE1 2nd Anniversary (Apr-May 2011)

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From all of us at CLtheBaddestFemale,

We want to thank everyone who participated in making our 2nd project a success. This project meant a lot to us because it was CL’s coming of age and 2NE1’s 2nd Anniversary. We wanted to celebrate this joyous occasion since she could only celebrate it once in her lifetime and what better way than to pamper CL especially with 2NE1’s busy schedule.

This project wouldn’t be possible without the support from all of you. Your support and encouragement helped made this project successful. A special THANK YOU to Julie, Wasabii82, and Janrione for your generous contribution. We can’t thank you enough for donating.

Thank you so much to those who sent in their wishes to CL and 2NE1. We received 250+ wishes and were able to fit everything into the wishing jars. We can only wish you more happiness and success in the years to come. We wish you to stay together FOREVER 2NE1.


Last, but definitely not least we want to thank our friends at for helping and delivering the gifts on our behalf <33

Lee Chaerin, The girl who captured our hearts from the moment she stepped on stage up until now you still continue to amaze and inspire us. We love you and we hope you like the gifts ^^. Nolja!!

Click below the cut to see all the gifts! It was delivered on May 13th, 2011 at 2:00PM KST.

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Total cost for this project:

$244 (Spa kit & Miss Dior perfume) 
$40 (Terra Barrosa wine) $30 (Wishing jar *jars/art supplies/scrapbooking papers/etc*) 
$106 (shipping & handling) 
= $420

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