Some Tidbits About CL


  • CL said on 2NE1TV that she can draw very well, but only when she’s
    drawing lion-bear, pig-rabbit, and duck-snake. (Adorable right?! ↗)
  • On a radio interview, CL revealed that she used to wear boy school
    uniform to school since they don’t have pants for girls.
  • Such fierce and baddass leader actually own a pink lollipop phone
  • Her nickname when she was in Japan is Pig-rabbit (I wonder where did
    the Hong sisters got their inspiration for Pig-rabbit in “You’re
  • CL-roo was coined for many terms such as “Ahh go go go!!!” & “Oh
    my Gawdddd” that she often used in 2NE1TV.
  • She used to live in Japan but left it for France when she was 9-10
    years old. Not only until summer 2009 that she went back there for
    vacation during the filming of 2NE1TV. She revealed later on that it’s
    been 10 years since she was there.
  • She loves music and fashion.
  • Her fave artists are Lauryn Hill and Madonna.
  • She has a little sister named Harin (HL).
  • Her love for music came from her father.
  • She compose during her free time.
  • She’s Tam Tam birth mother.
  • CL forever ideal man is Teddy Park.
  • CL signature facial expression includes sticking out her tongue,
    pouting like a blowfish, and making a kissing face.
  • (A little perverted fact) She has a sexy mole on her chest which was
    revealed due to her daring white outfit for Heartbreaker performance at
    2009 SBS Gayo Daejun.
  • She’s a clean freak.
  • Her shoes size is 230.
  • She sang Kim Yuna’s part in the Demo of Shout of the Reds Part 2 (Big Bang)
  • Her favorite track in 2NE1 1st Mini Album is Let’s Go Party of which she record an English solo demo.
  • She learn various dances include Jazz and Ballet. She learned Hip Hop from other dancers when she used to translate between local and foreign dancers.
  • The robots in Can’t Nobody MV were designed by her father. She also give one to Teddy for his room.
  • She’s most comfortable in Korean and English, though she also speaks Japanese and French. She’s also fluent in “Music.”
  • CL made a little Yang Yang for YG Papa daughter’s Yoojin.
  • If given an opportunity, she wants to try living in Egypt, Africa, and Greece.
  • Known as the sleepy head of 2NE1, the longest she had ever sleep is 20 hours.
  • CL-roo is not really good with computer, but she does know how to use iTunes and use internet to search for Teddy pictures.
  • Her coffee of choice is Americano.
  • Whenever CL sign autographs for fans, she always signs with ‘the baddest
    female’ ‘cos she said “When I’m CL, I want to be that bad.”
  • Leeteuk of Super Junior once commented that CL got this “tasty English”.
  • CL went to the same dance school as 4minute’s Hyuna, Kara’s Seungyeon, Wonder Girl’s Sunye and SoHee, MissA’s Min, and Secret’s Zinger. She was closest to Zinger.
  • CL really likes Queen’s Freddy Mercury. Her father really loved Queens so she grew up listening to their music.
  • At 40, she would like to either be like Madonna, and keep making new music justas she does now, or be like Lauryn Hill and give up music and live normally as a wife and a mother.
  • She wrote her rap in G-Dragon’s track, “The Leaders.”
  • CL was featured in YMGA’s song ‘What’ and she wrote her rap for “What”.
  • CL was also featured in Um Jung Hwa’s song, “DJ”
  • She was originally supposed to debut as a solo artist, but eventually became the leader of 2NE1.
  • CL never cries in front of 2NE1 members because she was told leaders don’t cry.
  • They call CL ‘Lion’ because apparently, her hair color and facial expressions looks like a lion.
  • CL has several nicknames: when she was in Japan it was “Pig-rabbit”; “Ddok-Chae” (smart-Chae); HunChae (warm-Chae); Lion (because of her hair and expressions), and among others.
  • Recently, it was revealed that CL’s father, Professor Lee Ki Jin is not only a physicist, but also an author of children’s books.
  • CL doesn’t know how to write a bicycle! (As revealed by Dara in this episode of 2NE1tv)
  • CL wrote her own rap to Adidas “Make Moves”
  • CL likes to collect shoes, even the ones she doesn’t wear.
  • CL loves children, she has visited HOLT Children’s services many times already.
  • CL loves art as a whole.
  • CL wants to create a space that allows people in her age and the next generation to keep developing the korean culture.
  • CL said that if she was to pursue a solo career, she’ll continue to sing and rap. She wants to try reggae and straight-up hip-hop.
  • CL’s fashion icon is Grace Jones.
  • CL’s favorite colors are black and gold, but sapphire blue is also one of her favorites.
  • When CL was young she lived at Tsukuba in Japan.
  • CL loves to swim, she can do the butterfly stroke.
  • CL really loves the feeling of drifting at sea.
  • CL loves red velvet cake.
  • CL wrote the lyrics to her first solo single “The Baddest Female”
  • CL loves watermelons and peaches, but she has an allergy to melons.
  • CL’s favorite season is winter.
  • CL attended the Lycée International Xavier school in Seoul. x
  • CL loves hiking.

20 responses to “Some Tidbits About CL

  1. Yay!!! She wants to try living in Africa:) She should come to Nigeria, she can have my room all to herself. And we will rock 9ja 2geda (dreaming abt it) …lol

  2. i hope that CL find a guy who is not afraid to tell the world that she’s his girl… i want to see her fall in love and be happy. She maybe hard outside.. but underneath she still a woman … hoping to find a prince..

    I am your forever fan Chae rin.. thanks for the inspiration..

    I’m just gonna be watching from the sidelines….

    (i am brokenhearted rightnow coz the person im eyeing for you.. i guess… he’s already taken)

  3. cl, who told u leaders don’t cry? u must be the leader from the bone ryte?
    is it teddy? or ur jingyo oppa?

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