[Other] List of CL Fanboys, Fangirls, Admirers, and those who have mentioned CL

It seems like we’re not the only ones fascinated with Chaerin. Who wouldn’t be? She’s beautiful, talented, charismatic, smart, and the list goes on. I thought I would compile a list of CL fanboys, fangirls, and admirers (that specifically mention CL)

Kim Sung Soo (Full House, Bad Love)
Justin Chon (Twilight) Source 1 Source 2
Swings (Korean Rapper) Source
2PM’s Junho [FAVORITE GIRL] (If 2PM has to welcome a new female member out of all Korean Girl Groups, who would that be?) – CL from 2NE1. She’s really cool and smart (Ceci Magazine/2009)
SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong Source
Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan (He wants a daughter just like CL. “CL is a mixture of Minwoo and Boa”)
MBLAQ’s Thunder Source
Slime (Rapper) Source
Ukiss’ AJ Source 1 Source 2
Jeremy Scott (CL is his muse)
Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup Source : He has invited CL to his radio show 2 or 3 times already ^__^
MC from Mnet Idol Chart Show Source
Mate’s Jung Joon II Source
Jay Park (since 2009 haha) Source 1 Source 2
The Quiett (Rapper) Source 2
No Brain (Korean punk band) Source
Jo Jung Suk (Musical actor) Source + Source 2
Uhm Tae Woong (Actor) Source + Source 2
Block B’s Zico Source 1 Source 2 Source 3
Kim Bong-Hyeon (Music Critic) – He mentioned CL before on his twitter account. He has praised CL many times.
Back-On’s Gori Source
Phil from Wong Fu Source
Ryu Seung Bum (Actor) Source
Composer Lee Min Su (Arena Magazine, April Issue)
Johnny Makeup (American socialite, musician and Internet personality) Source
One Way (Korean group)
Teen Top’s Ricky Source
Golf Fukking Hero (Thai rapper) Source
Teen Top’s L.JoeSource
B1A4’s BaroSource
VIXX’s Ravi – Source
DJ Mitomi Tokoto – Source
Super Junior’s ShindongSource @ 4:13
Designer Lie Sang BongSource + Source 2
Designer Jean-Charles de CastelbajacSource + Source 2
Fashion stylist/ Co-Owner of Fashion Watcher Angelo ElizabethSource
Rapper/Founder of Soul Company Jerry.KSource
Guckkasten’s Kim KibumSource
Eric NamSource
Singer-songwriter TOYMELA – Source
Manho Cho
(Founder of Korean street culture magazine, Musinsa) – Source
Big Tray (Rapper)– Source
Ugly Duck (Rapper)– Source
Camo Starr (Music Producer/Songwriter) – Source
Kang Il Kwon (Music Business Expert Music Critic / Chief Editor of Hiphop/R&B Media <Rhythmer>) – Source
Measurecloth (Producer/Rapper) – Source
Olympic bronze medalist, Daisuke Takahashi – Source
John Park – Source
Actor Hwang Jung Min – Source
Geeks’ Lil Boi– Source
Chad Future – Source
Actor Lee Hyun Woo – Source
Rapper/Producer Dindin – Source
Julien Kang – Source
Leessang’s Gary – Source
MYK (Rapper) – Source
Huckleberry P (Rapper)– Source
Rapper Sleepy (Untouchable) – Source
Lunafly’s Sam – Source
LC9’s E.Den:  – Source
Singer, producer, songwriter Kim Bada – Source
Model Jang Ki Yong – Source
JJCC’s Simba – Source
Fly To The Sky’s Brian JooSource
B2ST’s Hyunseung – Source
Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi – Source

Japanese Singer Masaki Yuka Source
DJ Kayo Noro of BAYFM Source
Lee Hyori Source 1 Source 2
Ai Takahashi Source
Han Ji Woo Source
After School’s Kahi Source
IVY (Singer) – Source “CL of 2NE1? She is really great at singing. She can also rap and dance well too”. Lee Soo Young’s 300mm interview +Source 2
Baek Ji Young (Singer) – “2NE1’s CL is really good.” KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly 09/08/08
Karen Miyama (Actress) Source
2NE1’s Dara ^__^ (The president of CL’s Fanclub)
Secret’s Zinger
Uhm Jung Hwa
Source 1 + Source 2
TashaSource 1
Hello Venus’ YooyoungSource
Lee HayiSource
GLAM’s JiyeonSource
EXID’s JunghwaSource

Source: Refer to the above links ^____^
Last updated: April 28, 2014


34 responses to “[Other] List of CL Fanboys, Fangirls, Admirers, and those who have mentioned CL

  1. Where is GD??
    He has several times showed his support + said that he really like “the baddest female” solo….:D

  2. Dang, CL got admirers lol Oooh, I see Kim Hyun Joong on the list, he’s mentioned her quite a few times since 2NE1 debuted.

  3. Definitely need to add Nochang. That rapper wrote a song, “classick” in dedication to her [ass] and has videos and photos on his instagram of cl too.

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