CL’s Songwriting and Lyric Credits

CL is larger on the mic than she is in person, standing at only 5 feet 3 inches.  While on the microphone, CL’s stage presence shocks the audience and she has the ability to keep the crowd hype and all eyes on her. CL’s versatility has captured the attention of many fans. A force to be reckoned with.

“The self-claimed, “Baddest Female,” boasts superstar qualities on all forefronts. As the leader of the popular girl group 2NE1, her distinctively boastful attitude, fluent rapping capabilities, and vocal strength make her a wunderkind in the K-pop genre. Versed in multiple languages (English, Korean, Japanese, and hint of French), with inquisitive attitude towards all things creative, her style and music choices have garnered praise from producers, Diplo, and Swizz Beats, as well as the flamboyant designer Jeremy Scott. A solo album from CL has been a subject of discussion since her debut, and both fans and critics wait for its release, patiently.”XXLMAG

Did you know CL write some of her own lyrics and composes too? As fans, we couldn’t be prouder of CL. Greater things have yet to come from this multi-talented artist.

Teddy Park said, “Although only 3 songs have been included in this album (CRUSH), I know that CL has in fact composed around 20 songs. She composes songs really quickly and makes good music. She’s good at it despite her young age. She’s really a talented person.”.

Let’s take a look at some of the songs CL took part in and was credited for, shall we?


  1. 071229 CL – Freedom & Soul Stage with YG Family
  2. 081010 YGMA’s What (CL’s cut) 
  3. 090830 2NE1 – Hip Hop Freak
  4. 090818 G-Dragon – The Leaders (CL’s cut)
  5. 110828 CL – “Best in the game” solo from ‘Nolza’ concert 
  6. 120305 CL – Make Moves (Adidas) 
  7. 130414 Lee Hi x CL – Rose
  8. 130527 CL – 나쁜 기집애 (THE BADDEST FEMALE)
  9. 130823 Lee Seung Hwan x CL – DISCO
  10. 131122 Icona Pop x CL – I Love It
  11. 131229 Lee Hyori x CL – ‘Bad Girls + 나쁜 기집애’
  12. 140227 2NE1 – CRUSH
  13. 140227 2NE1 – 살아 봤으면 해 (IF I WERE YOU)
  14. 140227 2NE1 – BABY I MISS YOU
  15. 140227 CL – 멘봉 MTBD
  16. 140227 2NE1 – SCREAM
  17. 140524 Glacéau Vitaminwater ‘Show Your Color’  


  1. 140227 2NE1 – CRUSH
  2. 140227 2NE1 – 살아 봤으면 해 (IF I WERE YOU)
  3. 140227 2NE1 – BABY I MISS YOU

On KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) :

나쁜기집애 “The Baddest Female”


멘붕 “MTBD”



Baby I Miss You

살아 봤으면 해 “If I Were You”

Last updated: February 28, 2014


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