2NE1 Discography

LG Cyon Lollipop MV – Collaboration with Big Bang

1st Mini Album Cover

2NE1 1st Mini Album

Track Listing (From Wikipedia)

  1. “Fire” (Park Teddy) – 3:43
  2. “I Don’t Care” (Park Teddy, Kush) – 3:59
  3. “In the Club” (Park Teddy, Kush) – 3:45
  4. “Let’s Go Party” (Park Teddy, Kush, Masta Wu) – 3:48
  5. “Pretty Boy” (Park Teddy, Kush) – 3:25
  6. “Stay Together” (Park Teddy, Kush) – 3:44
  7. “Lollipop” (feat. Big Bang) (Bonus Track) – 3:05

FIRE MV Space version

FIRE MV Street version

I Don’t Care MV

I Don't Care Unplugged Digital Single

I Don’t Care Unplugged Version (aka. Reggae Remix) Digital Single

Live Performance @SBS Inkigayo 090830

Kiss – Dara Ft. CL

You & I – Bom

Please Don’t Go – CL & Minzy

Try To Follow Me

2NE1 1st Full Album – To Anyone

Track Listing (From Wikipedia)

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. Can’t Nobody Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:28
2. Go Away Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:39
3. Baksu Chyeo” (“박수쳐”, “Clap Your Hands”[a]) e.knock e.knock 3:42
4. “Nan Babba” (“난 바빠”, “I’m Busy”[a]) Big Tone PK, Big Tone 3:38
5. Apa (Slow)” (“아파 (Slow)”, “It Hurts (Slow)”[a]) e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah 4:16
6. “Sarangeun Ayaya” (“사랑은 아야야”, “Love is Ouch”[a]) Masta Wu Choice37, Big Tone 3:53
7. “You and I” (Bom solo) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:54
8. “Please Don’t Go” (CL and Minzy) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:18
9. “Kiss” (Dara solo) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:33
10. Nal Ddara Haebwayo” (“날 따라 해봐요”, “Follow Me”[a]) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:09
11. I Don’t Care” (Reggae Remix) Teddy Park, e.knock Teddy Park, e.knock 3:52
12. “Can’t Nobody” (English Version) Perry Teddy Park 3:28
Total length:

Clap Your Hands

Go Away

Can’t Nobody

It Hurts

Don’t Stop The Music

Can’t Nobody (English Version)


I Am The Best

Hate you








10 responses to “2NE1 Discography

  1. i’m so glad at the heights that 2ne1 has reached. being one of the most popular girlgroups and always bringing something new to the stage. and to think they debuted less than 2 years ago. watching their old videos, achievements and the hardships they went through make me love them more. 2ne1 nolja!!!

  2. Too bad the beautiful song “Love is Ouch” is not featured here… no MV… buah!!!!, Anyway love 2NE1!

  3. I hope one day 2NE1 can visit Australia. They have Aussie fans too! Im just a new fan and Im really hooked to 2NE1, cant wait for the new song/album coming out!

  4. i really love 2ne1..they are the best girl group ever…their styles are very unique from any other girlgroups in korea.tyey are really fashionistas….

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