☆ Lee Chaerin(이채린) CL: History in the Making

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CL – 씨엘

  • Birth name: Lee Chaerin (이채린)
  • English name: Faith Lee
  • Position: Leader, Composer, Singer-Songwriter, Vocal, Lead Rapper, Dancer
  • Date of Birth: February 26, 1991 (1991-02-26
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 162cm (5ft 3in)
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Specialties: Singing, Rapping, Dancing, Writing lyrics, Drawing
  • Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, French
  • Favorite Color: Black, White, Gold, and a bit of Sapphire Blue
  • Favorite Flower: White Roses
  • Current Pet: Donut (cat), Pudding (Cat) / Previous pet DdoChi (hedgehog ),
  • Favorite accessories: Sunglasses // vintage accessories (Chanel/Versaces/etc)
  • Favorite cake: Red velvet cake

CL was born in Korea (YG offcial profile said she’s from Seoul). Born to a family of scholars and raised as a Roman Catholic.  CL’s father, Lee Kie Jin, works as a Physics professor at Seogang University ad he also writes children books, her mother is a potter, and she has a younger sister named, Harin. CL’s paternal grandfather is a physicist, her maternal grandfather is the CEO of a trading company, her aunt is a judge of the Seoul central District Court and another aunt runs a gallery, Gallery Jung.  In her childhood, she traveled frequently with her family. CL stayed in Japan until she was 12 where she attended Tsukuba International School. (**CL attended a primary school in Japan and from elementary school she attended an American school for a year or two. After that she went to a French middle school for a while and then changed again to an American high school**.)  Starting from elementary school CL got allowances and went to learn dancing. At the time the dance school used to invite famous foreign dancers and CL volunteered to translate for them. CL stayed in a homestay for approximately two years when she was in Paris. When she came back to Korea, she barely knew any Korean since she stayed abroad for a long time, but said in an interview shown on 2NE1 TV that she is now most comfortable speaking Korean.

The only celebrity that CL liked when she was young was Teddy of 1TYM. Through her admiration for Teddy, she came to know YG and then she saw YG on TV. Determined to sing and dance  at YG entertainment, but it was not an easy road. CL sent in demo tapes since an elementary kid, CL sent a demo tape every three months for four years in a row in order to show us her improvements yet she never got a reply. At age 15, she went to YG entertainment and waited for YG CEO, Yang Hyun-Suk for a long time in the cold winter weather to give her demo tape to him. CEO, Yang Hyun-Suk finally came out and CL handed him her demo tape.  An hour later, CL received a phone call to show up at YG entertainment. It was a friday, YG CEO, Yang Hyun-Suk brought about 30 people consisting of camera team and song writers and had CL sing in front of them. After the audition, CL was told to start practicing from Monday.  She would practice until 3 or 4 in the morning and then go back to school.

CL got all three GEDs, elementary, middle and high school, with six months gap in between the exams, before her debut.

CL became a YG Trainee in late 2006. Before her very 1st feature Big Bang’s 2nd Mini Album, title song “Hot Issue”, in late 2007, she was only known as the “mysterious 16 year-old” YG trainee. One month later, CL made her official stage debut on SBS Music Award alongside her fellow artists of YG Entertainment. Her first credited appearance in a song was in 2008, with Uhm Jung Hwa’s “DJ”. CL’s rap mentor was P-Type from Brand New Music when she was a trainee.

CL was originally planned to debut as a solo artist. But now, CL is the leader of one of the hottest female group in Korea, 2NE1.

On May 6, 2009, two versions of their debut song “Fire”‘s Music Video were released, igniting the fire that would spread throughout the Kpop world. 2NE1 performed their debut stage on May 17th on SBS Inkigayo. Their song “Fire” topped charts for weeks, and 2NE1 hit the top spot again with their song “I Don’t Care” from their first mini-album. The song was released on July 1, 2009 and hit number one on the charts the same day.

CL was featured in Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s 1st solo album singing the song “The Leaders” which features the leaders of YG Entertainment – G Dragon from Big Bang, Teddy from 1TYM and CL from 2NE1. The song ranked top 10 in most of online and offline chart the moment it was release.

She is also featured in Dara’s Digital Single “Kiss.” The song was used for a Beer CF but became very popular despite of the lack of promotion.

On November 20th, 2009, CL and Minzy released their duet Digital Single “Please Don’t Go.” The song proven to be great success topping numerous charts, grabbing Mnet most popular song the last week of November 2009 even without the release of any Music video.

CL released her first solo single, “The Baddest Female” on May 28, 2013. CL took a active role in 2NE1’s 2nd Full album,  the 10 songs that were included in this album, CL worked on a total of 5 songs that includes track 1, ‘Crush’, ‘If I Were You’, ‘Baby I Miss You’, ‘MTBD’, and ‘Scream’.

CL is the first Korean musician to grace the cover of ELLE Korea and also the youngest star to do so



CL now has her own artist page on YG Entertainment! Check it out here.

Description of CL by YG Entertainment:

2NE1’s leader, rapper and vocalist. With her extraordinary charisma on stage, CL possess all the qualities that an entertainer should possess. Be it rap, vocals dance, performance etc, she is almost perfectly equipped with these skills. Not only is she adept musically, because she was lived in France and other countries in her youth, she speaks 4 languages, including Korean, English, Japanese and French. She is a versatile artiste with a global feel that will show you WOMAN POWER. Always ahead of the trend with her unique fashion style, she is also a fashion icon who inspires world-famous designers such as Jeremy Scott and Castelbajac as their muse. Her first solo song ‘나쁜 기집애’ has been released on May 2013, which is new music that only she can show the world.


43 responses to “☆ Lee Chaerin(이채린) CL: History in the Making

  1. 2ne1 rox,..

    I reaLLy LovE 2ne1,..

    especiaLLy CL,…

    she’s my idoL…

    I reaLLy reLLy wanT 2 see hEr iN persOn…

    onLy if i CaN…


  2. Im tearing up rite now.. i’m like the biggest CL fan. madly in love(obsess is the word)with her. this blog is amazing… so going to be frequent visitor now. kekeke..i hope and pray that this blog will help in making all the living species fall in LOVE with her.. let us all unite together in spreading the CL love… ok im out now. kekekeke~~~
    thanks again…big kiss~~

  3. hi lee chae rin also known as CL i love you girl more power to come and i wish you all the best for your career and have a great loveliife stay what you are and sdont change your good attitudes.
    i love you girl i love 2ne1 and more albums to come
    you in philippines your so hor and popular here your song is so popular like pretty boy, in the club, lollipop and most of all the fire
    and the bigbabg i love you all most of all g-dragon more power to come hope you eng

  4. at first, i don’t like diz group. but then, when the 1st mini album released,
    i do admit dat they are such an alient.
    cl is very a great leader.
    she makes me wonder how a gurl like her can be the baddest female.
    i once have watched in entertainment weekly dat she said people think they are fierce
    and may scary people. but then actually she explained she is very shy and quite-type person.
    i juz can’t help, but adore and respect her…………..
    u go gurl!!!!

  5. Awww, How glad I am to know that I am not the only one that is obsessed about CL. I am older than she is but I truly adore and admire her. How can someone of her age bee so good at what she does and still be so humble. I wont lie sometimes I wish I was like her. She is just awesome and I love they way she is firm but still respects her elders. Its bn a yr and half since I found out abt 2ne1 and she was d one that struck me first. I love d other members just as much but there’s something about CL d@ draws u. Okay, forgive my babble. lol. KEEP IT UP CL!
    ur biggest fan from Nigeria.

  6. CL is my favorite artist in this world. I love CL so much and she is my role model. Unnie is the best unnie in the world. I love how she takes over the stage and is completely awesome. She is my inspiration in performing. She is totally charismatic and fierce on stage. She is so pretty inside and out. CL is such a great rapper, singer, and dancer. (What if she can act…we got a superstar in the making). I love her hidden aegyo and her non-make up face. CL look like a little baby without make up. But with make up she is sexy. hahaha no homo lol. I love CL(no homo) and I really can’t wait to see more from her. ………Am I the only one who wants a solo song/or album/or mini album from CL. She is my only girl crush. I love you CL<33333333333.

  7. CL said that she never lived in the US, that she is only so good at english because she went to foreigner schools when she lived in France and Japan.

  8. i Love cl so much she’s a great singer, dancer, and rapper , when i saw her in Fire and the other music video of 2ne1 i was amazed because she is hot!. she is my inspiration in my studies, and also cL is my favorite singer and dancer also. in myself she is the best of all the best . Iam the no.1 fan of cL !, i love u cl more power, more albums to come, God bless and take care always . WE LOVE YOU CL!!!!

  9. Same as the blogger. Its been a long time since i got to admire sombody futhermore be obsessed with a certain idol. CL actually broke that. hehehe.. remind me of myself.. and my dream. shes is amazing. will continue to follow her. thank you for making this site. =)

  10. you know, there’s this thing CL have that even girls fall for her .
    i can say that i’m not the only one obsessed with her here !
    [ don’t get me wrong, i’m straight, GD is my husband ]

    but really, even though there’s lots of things to hate about her, [ i admit it ]
    i still like her.

    i’ve even thought of, if a fairy would grant me a wish, i would love to be her sister or something like that ..

    you’re making your FANS crazy !

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! tôi cũng yêu CL,… tôi tình cờ xem đc tập đầu tiên của 2ne1tv trên yantv và nhận thấy 1 leader mãnh liệt. đầy cá tíh nhưng thực chất lại là một cô gái đáng yêu đến thế? tôi tự hỏi tại sao YG k xây hình tượng đáng yêu ấy cho chính cô nhưng….lại là 1 leader quá mạnh mẽ???… (thất vọng)TToTT;

  11. That’s so Awesome, I Didn’t know some things of my Favorite Rapper!

    If I can see I much taller than ChaeRin :O

    And I Only 11 years

    I want meet Her. I think that’s impossible because I’m of Mexico u.u

    Regards 😀

    Note: Thanxs 4 the information 😛

  12. Tôi là người Việt Nam…!!! tôi không ngờ lại có nhiều người yêu CL đến thế(giống tôi thôi!) keke …nhưng tại sao YG lại k xây dựng hình tượng đáng yêu vốn có của cô mà phải là 1 leader quá mạnh mẽ như vậy???… thật đáng tiếc quá!!!!….huhuhu TT_TT tôi k tin có tin đồn GD là chồng của CL… tôi k tin như vậy…. những tin đồn nhảm nhí!!!

  13. She is so fierce and awesome, but at the same time when I watch 2NE1 TV she is so cute and caring. Can’t wait to see how this group will develop and also they need to go back to Korea and make more kick-ass music! Does anybody know when they will go back to Korea and how much longer they will be staying in Japan?

    And their US debut will be amazing, I hope they will succeed as the American music industry is hard to break for foreigners.

  14. 1st time i know abt 2ne1, i love dara..but it changed to CL and will always be. maybe bcoz of her energy on stage, her fierce, charismatic, her lion’s voice..i wish i have a strong voice like that. where u get that energy on stage CL? i’m so envy of u. God bless u.

    • Hello Corina! ^__^

      Welcome to CLTBF. For these reasons and so many more on why we love CL so much. I hope you enjoy your stay here at our humble abode keke

  15. I have been a CLBTF follower on twitter for a while but I just started to explore the blog lol. However, thanks for all the CL info and photos ^^

    I think this page needs to mention her featuring in Uhm Junghwa’s mini-album :3

  16. Hello, I’m CLovers from Malaysia. Its really nice to see a lot of Blackjacks n CLovers all around the world here 🙂
    CL is The One n Only Ma Lesbian Crush

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