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Although CLthebaddestfemale.com is a site dedicated to CL, at the very core of this site is that deep love for all of 2NE1. This site shares the passion that CL has for her craft and her members, thus this site allows no room for hate and stands to reflect the respect and love that CL has for Bom, Dara and Minji.

Created on: October 21, 2009


Hello! sieljjang here!! My name is Nathalie^^ and I’m the main admin and translator for CLTBF. I’ve been a fan of 2NE1 from the very beginning, but CL stole my heart the moment she stepped on stage at the 2007 SBS Gayo. I watched her and went, “WOW! Who is this girl?” She still continue to amaze me, whether it’s in an interview or when she’s rocking it out on stage. As CL continue to grow as an artist, our site will be right beside her matching each step. For someone so young, she’s a wise soul. I Love Lee Chaerin. You can catch me on twitter @Sieljjang

“We’re different, but not wrong” -CL 2010

This is why I love CL so much, she’s not afraid to be different and it’s not wrong to be different. Embrace who you are.


Hey guys! I’m Edlyn ^^ I’m a translator, a graphic designer, a writer and.. well basically I do everything and anything that I can help out with in this blog. Honestly, I’ve never thought in my life, that one day I would be in love with a group like how I’m in love with 2NE1 now, but that all changed when they came out with I Don’t Care in 2009. Yeah, it wasn’t love at first sight, I didn’t really like Fire, but I Don’t Care was just Wow, and I fell in love with CL when she did her “I’m a bad girl that makes men cry” line and the rest you can say, is history. 😉 And that love just grew and grew watching her cuteness in 2NE1tv, reading her inspiring and thoughtful words of wisdom and also out of my immense respect of her attitude as an artist. That said, I’ve been such an avid reader of this blog since way back when and am so honoured to be able to join as a staff. CLTBF Fighting! <33


Hi, this is mame-v/Verena 🙂 I’m a graphic designer here at CLTBF and I live in Germany.

I became a 2NE1 fan in July 2009 after seeing the “Lollipop” video. CL immediately caught my attention with her rap part and I decided to check out their 1st mini album, which just came out at that time. CL continued to catch my attention in live performances and music tracks and so I decided to become a full-on fan haha
I’m really happy to be part of the international fansite for CL and to be able to spread some CL-love 🙂


We welcome all fans from all over the world to come join us as we continue to support Lee Chaerin. We do encourage everyone to comment and spazz about our favorite girl ^^

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, ideas, or just want to say Hello ^^ please don’t hesitate and leave us a comment, we’ll do our best to fix it right away.

Have a great day everyone! Happy viewing and spread the CL LOVE ^___________^ Don’t forget to follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/baddestfemalecl


82 responses to “☆ ABOUT US + OUR STAFF

  1. wahh… i love this blog already..
    thanks for making this..
    im really having hard time searching for pics and updates about chaerin,
    my only source back then was ygladies,
    but look, i have almost everything about her here…
    it gives me satisfaction..


    • Hi Astrea,
      Thanks for visit. Comeback often. Yep, I usually have to go everywhere, different forums and websites to get things on CL…. So I hope this fanblog will help CL fan to easily find info about our fave leader here. If you have any suggestion, please drop a comment… really would appreciate it.


  2. hey kate! i’d like to request for something. is it possible that you get a screen shot of 2NE1’s team shoes (both shoes) that CL made? I just really like it. Thanks! =)

  3. kate! i hope you post a photo, gif, and video of CL’s kiss in their performance at MAMA. I swear my heart still skips a beat! =D

    • out of all days…. i have a date on MAMA night…. that sucks…. I’m recapping everything and all things MAMA and CL right now… it should be up soon. I’m so sorry for the lateness^___^

        • Aww….. thank you.. I did… but i kept checking a cell phone to see the time….. So most of the info is up by now… still missing a special post… which i’ll post later. the gifs and caps take a while… but i’ll get on it.

  4. Hey Kate, I’m willing to be a blogger. I check the internet every morning around 8am til 12noon (Philippine time) and around 12midnight after my job. So yeah I’m addicted to 2NE1 because I’m always make sure that I am updated. =)

  5. Catty is a sunsky shipper…. no surprise…. do you know how many times I was tempted to steal that icon of yours of ygsecret forum?! so much hotness in merely 100×100 pixels

  6. I’m just done reading all your post, so far. And all I can say is, wow. You’re really CL obsessed, eh? After reading those posts, I dunno what I really felt after. My emotions are all mixed up. I laughed, had goosebumps and appreciated CL more. But what really touched me most, is when you described CL as a leader. Yea, she’s sure a great leader. Even though with that age, she managed to be a great leader, performer, friend and sister to her fellow 2ne1, which really proved that to be a leader, it doesn’t depend on the age. When I first saw their MV of fire, I never imagine that I’ll be a fan of her. She’s sexy even without showing much skin, has a lot of charisma, and I think, a musical genius. I can’t wait what she’s gonna show to us soon and for the next years.

    I’m proud, I’m CL obsessed too. ^o^

    • OMG…. you actually read all of them???that’s over 200 posts!!!!!!! I guess you can count your a CL-obseesed too 🙂 I do love her … everything from her talent to her personality.
      Thank you for appreciating our blog Chloe.

  7. hey i just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

    Its nice to see that there are others out there that love and support CL as much as i do *kekeke

    this blog lets me keep up with her activities and is a constant reminder of why im a fan of this baddest female 😀

    so thank you, thank you, thank you and dont give up!

    AJA! AJA! AJA ^.~

  8. This is funny, I read your short bio AFTER I’ve been bombarding your site with my comments. It’s so quiet here lately, well, the last few days actually, I feel like I’m going deaf. I really miss the girls. Now I am simply focusing on 2ne1 and CL-roo… 🙂 Thanks for putting up this site. I really look at it with fondness, like a girl-group I can meet with every end of my day to just sort of spazz and talk about mundane, lighthearted stuff to take away the heaviness of the day. Thank you, Ladies… hope to one day meet you all…

      • I guess YG is focusing on YB’s album huh? I can’t wait for 2ne1’s comeback, I really want to see Cl-roo strut her stuff and charisma on stage… 🙂

  9. I LOVE THIS!!!!!
    No, seriously! I’ve never obsessed about a group since the backstreet boys when I was like 12, and Big Bang was the first (and still pretty unbeatable to this day) boy band that i’ve loved since childhood.
    I waited for 2ne1’s debut in hopes that they would be worthy to called Big Bang’s sister group, and thankfully, they are!!!!
    THey are talented in their own unique skills that are showcased in their music and MVs. They’re not merely pretty faces who can sing to a tune, but they actually have gorgeous voices(park bom and cl) and sick dance moves (minzy and cl)… ok, maybe dara’s the face-value, but that’s ok.
    a blog dedicated to my fav girl musicians!
    ❤ tons!!!

  10. i love the new layout of this blog!xD
    i just wanna say thank you for maintaining this, for sharing all the goodies of 2ne1 and most specially of CL. she’s the first girl i ever liked so much! i mean i used to be a big fan of male idols out there but when i saw CL in their fire MV, my wild fan dome to a girl started. hehe!
    thank you so much again, i’ve been checking ur blog since early this year and i always leave this with a smile on my face, satisfied and spazzing. hehe! keep up the good work! xD

  11. Hi! I really love your blog. I adore CL too! and 2NE1, of course ♥♥♥.
    I would like to request for the evolution of our leader’s hairstyles.

    Also, could you help me out. I’m from the Philippines and I’m trying to buy the To Anyone Album from YGEshop. It seems the international option is unavailable up to now. Do you think it will ever be available?
    Are there any other sites that I can consider. I’m buying via CC. Thanks.

  12. Hii my name is Jae from loveasiamusic.wordpress and i’m a friend of Alee’s (Ibigbang). I am trying to meet more blogs because I just moved mine to wordpress a month or so ago. Alee had you guys on her blogroll so I wanted to come by and say I love CL and sandra<3<3<3 lol I think it's wonderful you guys have an entire blog just dedicated to CL she's amazing
    Anyway, I'd really love to be friends. See Ya soon!

  13. Hey,

    This blog is so cool. I really like the design pretty, sweet and cute. It suits so well our fierce 2NE1 leader CL. Well thank you all for sharing news, videos, pictures and all you got. Hehe. Keep on doing a great job on that blog. By the way, we’re on a 2NE1 fan site so here is a tips, there is a 2NE1 Android Application available. So for those who are frustrated not having an IPhone, you can also enjoy 2NE1 on your Android Mobile. A video is also available on Youtube.

    Thank you for the great job on this blog. ^_-*

  14. I’m not quite sure where I should post this… But I would like to be affiliates with your site. I’ve browsed around the site for an affiliate page.. but couldn’t find one, so I’m commenting here.

    My site is: http://heartgd.com

    Let me know 😀

  15. I love here,there are many news all about CL,I love cl very much,and i come from china,
    i have to say this blog is amazing,i’m very happy to be here,

  16. im really a big fan of CL…i am really glad that she was chosen as 2ne1’s leader..i love her voice and shes a great rapper…shes really the baddest and the best female in korea..its already my biggest dream to meet her someday…

  17. ahh chaerin. i can’t explain how much i love this girl who is much younger than i am but i love to pieces. and to see that she has passionate fans like the team of writers here, i’m so thankful.

    • Hey Jnr!
      Welcome! ^^; WOW! Thank you so much for sharing. That’s pretty awesome, how long did it take you to do that? We really appreciate it.
      Sorry for the late response TT I hope you don’t mind, but I made a post with your painting so others can see it too.
      Thank you again

  18. i’m a crazy CL fan,i’ve never seen any asian artist(female) can rap like CL!She’s so cool,talented and stylish,and i really love her unusual fashion style!
    If i didn’t google CL today,i would never find this fan page.Thank you Kate,this blog is so beautiful~~~
    I know you need some translators,maybe i can help you~~I’m Chinese,and i really want to do sth 4 CL,if you need my help,just call me=D !!MY TWITTER:@Delinsy Facebook:@Delinsy Cheung
    Goodnight Kate~~

  19. I just love you for starting this blog. I’m such a huge fan!

    I know 2ne1 since their debut and the first time I saw CL, in Lollipop then Fire, I thought ‘she’s so different!’ I wasn’t addicted to kpop back then and I just listened to some songs b4 that but I wasn’t really interested. However, when I discovered YG family, it made a big impact on me, especially CL.

    At first, I didn’t know if I liked her or not, because she was so fierce and her look was unusual (she didn’t look like other kpop idols + she had this unusual way of dressing)… But everytime I watched her performing in live or in the mv, I was impressed and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I just admired her a lot. I even started watching 2ne1tv because of her! So, for me too, she’s like my 1st real ‘idol’ and I’m a girl who turned 23 already!

    Yet, i’m afraid her stage character might get on the nerves of other kpop idols or even fans in general. Especially with songs like ‘the leaders’ or ‘did it on ’em’. She’s still ‘new’ in the kpop industry + she’s younger than a lot of female idols who debuted before her and even after + there’s a real buzz around her ‘fierceness’. That’s why sometimes, I have the feeling that she’s more loved internationally than in Korea when you compare her popularity with the other members’ popularity (Dara & Bom in particular)… Am I mistaken or is it true?

    Anyway, I just hope she’ll always have fans like us to root for her!

    sorry for the long comment :s

  20. Hi girls! Love your site and is here that I get the most import info about 2NE1! I have a brasilian site for the girls and if you don’t mind I would like to put your link there on the partners section, can I?

    *Sorry for the baad english XD

  21. Hi Admins! this is Ley (aka Faith_Angel). Been following your blog afor quite sometime now and can’t remember where and when i’ve discovered. Like you guys, im a die hard CL fan. Im not young anymore if you will ask but been a music lover ever since i started talking according to my dad. Like Toni, im also a Filipino. Ive known 2ne1 because of Dara (im very greatful to her coz if not bcoz of her, i wont be able to know CL) but, my favorite member is Chaerin since i’ve watched her in Lollipop. Her rap after tabi was like.. OMG.. who is this girl. love her voice, love her beat. love her rhythm. Since then i started to look for info about her ont he net, been watching videos, reading 2ne1 article and also browse and read just her lines. Im a 2ne1 fan but gosh, i cant help but be addicted to her. Shes what i have dreamt to be. Her hard work, dedication, her presence is astonising that anybody wont be able to resist her especially on stage. This blog has been my daily habit. Thank ou for bringing me closer to the girl that not only i admire because of ther talent but also inspire me to be empowered and be my best always. Kudos to all admins! thank you thank you for the bottom of my heart…


    (this has been my alias since highschool. Never thought that this would be the same name as my most admired artist Faith Lee [Lee Chae rin])

    • Hey Ley, TT your post was so touching. Thank you so so much. It’s always nice to hear that we’re doing something right. We want to make this a home for all CL fans and we hope we have accomplished that. A place where you can feel comfortable and spazz to your heart content. CL is our inspiration ^___________^
      Thank you for your continued love and support. Thank you again Ley ♥

  22. 우아 씨에루 언니를 위한 사이트가 있다니 신기하네요ㅎㅎ
    역시 투에니원언니들이닷ㅎㅎ투에니원언니들 미국 진출 곧 할건데 꼭
    흥하길 바라요ㅎㅎ(l)

  23. im glad that after searching some website about 2en1 especially CL at last i found this site…
    i really love them so much..its like im really obsessed about them..a no.1 fanatic.. …cl was so cool so as her members…. they’re great…2en1 keep rockin!!!

  24. HI! its Mei aka WeBeVIP, just wanted to say that i LOVE the blog and its pretty much my primary source for not only my CL addiction but all of my 2NE1 needs. CL just constantly impresses me with who she is, what she stands for and willingness to break the mold of a female artist. im super grateful to CLTBF for also recognizing her greatness and sharing her to the world. i ❤ CLTBF^^

  25. Hello!!! Just wanted to say that you girls are doing a great job. I became a fan of 2ne1 this year (i didn’t know they existed!) and when I saw CL I could’t help but think that she is such a talented, beautiful and charismatic girl. I have to admit I’m a BIG fan of her. I just hope life brings CL happiness, health and love. Keep up the good work!! Lots of love from Puerto Rico!!! ^___^

    • Hello,

      It’s a pleasure to meet you, Melissa! ^^ Thank you very much and I’m very happy to hear that T_____T It’s great to see Clovers from all over the world supporting 2NE1, especially our CL. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your stay at CLTheBaddestFemale.com ❤ ❤

  26. Hi! I’m Sarah, from France (: I really want to be admin on this page with you. And thank u very much for post info about 2NE1 ♥ WE ARE THE BEST! Kekeke :3 So, leave me a message for to be admin 😉 Bye-bye :’D

    • Hello Sarah ^^

      I apologize for the late reply, but unfortunately the admin position is currently not available, but we do have other positions still available. Are you able to speak or read Korean fluently? If so, please do apply and I’ll be more than happy to review your application. Thank you very much.

  27. Hello,
    I was wondering if your fan-site is doing any small projects for the New Jersey concert? I came up with a little something, but unfortunately don’t have funds to get it going. I was thinking of making a red glow stick heart in the audience during the ILY performance. Here is a picture of what it would look like http://i796.photobucket.com/albums/yy245/xdarialovex/heart.jpg?t=1342139474

    There would be 73 seats involved in this so about 73 glow sticks would be needed.

    I’m sending this message to all major 2NE1 fan sites to see if they want to join. I understand that each fan site is doing their own support projects and raising money isn’t easy, but if we could all pitch in to the glow stick cost, only a small amount would be needed.

    If we buy 3 boxes (75pcs all together) of 6″ red glow sticks the cost will be $40.47 so if all 4 member’s fan-sites join, each would have to donate roughly $10 dollars.
    Another website offers the same amount of 10″ red glow sticks for $44.97.
    6″ Premium glow sticks (thicker and much brighter) cost $48 for 75 pieces.

    Please consider this and give me a response as soon as possible because there’s not much time before the concert.

  28. Thanks for all the hard work. I am a CL fan and my day is not complete without reading your upfates and blog. Salamat all the way from the Philippines.


    • Awww thank you Schiera ^__^ but you know our site wouldn’t be possible without all you wonderful Blackjacks/Clovers!

      Thank you for your support ❤

  29. This site is great for the fans ! I like it ! Thank you very much *^^*. But there is no French translation ?

  30. Hello! I’m LaneyRae (Or Rachel), and live in California. I just discoverd this blog today, and having been looking at it and reading it for like an hour! I LOVE 2NE1, they’re my Idols. I discovered them right around when “I am the Best” came out, and found it to be a song i listened to a lot. Then i decided to listen to their other songs, and fell in love. After reading about them, and watching song 2NE1tv, and falling in love with them, i found myself favoring CL. Her attitude, her style, and almost everything about her.

    I have been planning to go to the L.A. New Evolution concert and bring a newly recruited Blackjack, but discovered my parents already RSVP’d for a friends wedding. I’m still trying to get over it ):

    Anyways, I would love to get more involved with other Blackjacks and CLovers, and be a part of the community.

    • Hello LaneyRae!

      Welcome to our humble abode. How did you stumbled upon this blog? I’m very happy to see a new Blackjack/Clover ^__^

      Awww TT it’s ok, you just never know they might hold another concert in LA again.

      We would love it if you continue commenting. We want you to feel right at home, check out our completed projects, subbed videos, and navigate through. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Welcome again LaneyRae and I hope you enjoy your stay here at CLTBF keke ❤

      • Thank you (: I think i found a picture or a post somewhere…. im not quite sure.
        They may, or maybe closer to my home like San Francisco 😉

        I’ll stay active and keep commenting! And thank you, so much.

        • Actually, now that i think about it and scrolling through the site, I remembered what brought me here! I was looking up lyrics for one of their songs!~ Then when I was reading the lyrics i was like “Thats a cute picture of CL 🙂 Oh wait, why would a lyrics site have a picture of CL as the site background?…Wait…are my eyes deceiving me? Is this a CL fansite? OuO *fangirl squeal* It is!! I’m in heaven X3”

  31. Im sori. Ive been ignored all of u bcuz of my greed for cl. After years ive followed this blog, i juz got to know now. Mianhe.

    • Hello kumonika,

      Aww don’t be sorry, we’re just happy to see more members commenting so it’s a pleasure to meet you. To answer your question, I’m a med student and I work/intern at a hospital. We love you too ❤ ❤

      Clovers: Please don't be shy, we want to get to know all of you and hear from you ❤

  32. I Love This Blog ! Its Amazing ! Thank you guys for All your Hard work
    ♥ !
    + Umm.. I Didn’t really Know where i should Tell you this ..
    Ummm But I’m Just Gonna say it here ^^
    Since Our Girls r late in ‘ MAMA ‘ There now in 3rd Place ..
    We Thought if all blackjacks for 2NE1 at once ~
    Then 100% Our girls will be in The first place !
    and we want you guys to join us too .. and all Blackjacks around the World ~*
    We Didn’t Pick the time yet but we’re thinking of it right now !
    if your in please tell me in my twitter @kpoptruefan
    + like i said we’re still thinking about what time and when so maybe if your thinking of a good time and a day tell us please ^^
    I’ll Tell you The Details when ur in ^^
    I’ll be waiting for ur Reply ♥

  33. I love CL so much, I’m an avid fan. That’s why I was so happy when I saw this blog site. You guys are amazing! Thank you for such dedication. If our Chaerin-ah would know about this site I’m sure she’ll be very happy! More power! FIGHTING!! ^^

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