☆ Schedule

2NE1’s Schedule (Up to Date)

2013 2NE1’s Schedule

▶ May 4- 2NE1 to be special guest at ‘Unite All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg’ Concert at Olympic Park.

▶ May 11- 2NE1 – SUPER LIVE 2013 concert in Universal Studio Japan

▶ June 22 – 2NE1 to attend “Asia Style Collection” Fashion Show in Singapore


6 responses to “☆ Schedule

  1. annyeong haseo….
    Hi CL…..
    You’re my idol..my inspiration,my sister…because you amazing…
    You’re the best singer…the best leader…the best rapper in the world…
    I Love u so much CL…
    I hope..I can meet you

  2. 안녕하세요 채린이 언니!
    가끔식 이 web도 보고 있겠죠? 저의 이름은 Jenny 이라고 하고, 11살 입니다. 저는 2ne1 이 짱이다고 생각해요! 이걸 보시면 제 web 도 한번 가보시고 이메일도 보내주세요. 저는 제 꿈을 언니와 나누고 싶어요! 홍콩으로 오시면 반드시 갈테니깐요! 제 컴퓨터와 전화기 사진이 다 2ne1 이에요. 전 너무 만나고 싶어요! 저는 자면서도 언니가 홍콩에 오는 것을 꾸죠! 언니 짱! 꼭 홍콩에 오시고 저를 연락 할 수 있었으면 좋겠어요 – (그럴 일은 절대 없겠지만… 앙앙!~)! 사랑해요! ☆


  3. with this schedule I have a feeling that 2ne1’s comeback might be in 2013. Yg has been changing so many dates around that now I am no longer hoping. He said September then October and now November and November is almost half way through and there’s no sign of a comeback. He said he would release a girl and boy group in 2012 and their’s no sign of the boy group and the girl groups beginning of 2012 debut got pushed back to beginning of 2013 ( which for yg in his mind must actually be the end of 2013 or something)—__—- 2ne1 is like the only Korean group i listen too and my favorite Japanese rock band just finished their promotion so there nothing left to wait for besides 2ne1.

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