Calling all GZBz! Fan Projects for #CLTOUR2016


Hello everyone!

Only a couple of weeks away before CL kick off her 1st solo tour!!! We’re all very excited at CLTBF and we’re sure you are too. To make this a memorable experience for CL and GZBz we’ve decided do some fan projects. We are ready to go all out to show CL our utmost love and support and we’re hoping you will join us.

In collaboration with TheBaddestGZB, we will distribute about 10,000 hand banners.  It was announced recently, that the official color will be RED so the banners will correlate with the theme.

CL Hello Bitches Tour 2016 Hand Banner Design

**For those who would like to pass out the banners at their city, please let us know. Since our staff cannot be at every tour stop we will need your help.**

  1. For every stop, CLTBF is planning on giving CL a bouquet of flowers, balloons, and a letter since she has expressed her love for both numerous times
  2. Raising banners during “The Baddest Female” for NYC stop:
    Why? This song was the beginning of CL’s solo and laid the foundation for “GZBZ” We’re hope that you’d join us to raise the banners during “The Baddest Female” for the 1st stop of the tour in NYC.
  3. HOWEVER, for Seattle, LA, and all other following stops where the banners will be distributed, please raise it during “LIFTED”. This is planned such that we’ll also be able to support the NYC GZB project for “LIFTED” in NYC.
  4. We’ll also be preparing some gifts for CL if we have remaining funds available.

GOAL= $1900 USD

We cannot do this without your love and support. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Please click on the “DONATE” button. Thank you

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Please contact us for other methods of donating

We hope you can be part of this joyous occasion with us. Let’s do this!! ^___^

CLTBF team


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