[Info] CL to release “LIFTED” on 8/19- first official single for the US market (August 17, 2016)


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[OSEN=정준화 기자] The one for whom YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s “WHO’S NEXT” teaser image was unveiled is CL.

On August 17 at 10AM, YG posted a poster titled “CL – FIRST SINGLE LIFTED” on the company’s official blog (www.yg-life.com). The poster says that CL will unveil “LIFTED”, her first single album in the United States, on the 19 this month. It is CL’s first official single album in the United States. The title “LIFTED” means “excited, upbeat feeling”.

On August 16, YG unveiled a “WHO’S NEXT?” teaser image, to draw keen attention for who the next artist to release a new song following BLACKPINK’s debut will be. Music fans were keenly curious about who the next YG artist to come back or launch a new project will be. Now, as the artist is found to be CL, music fans are expressing big anticipation for her new song.

Last year, CL met global fans in “MDBP” (Mad Decent Block Party), a large-scale music festival of famous DJ Diplo’s lable “Mad Decent”.

“HELLO BITCHES”, the pre-promotion song for CL’s debut in the States, was loved by many music fans. The song enjoyed big popularity in and out of the country, for its bouncy beat, catchy sound, and witty lyrics, taking No.1 on global music-streaming website “Sportify”. Such big popularity proved CL’s influence not only in Asia but also in the United States, the birthplace of pop music.

Many music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of new music CL will present, as she has always caught eyes with her flagship energy, charisma, and intense force.

Source: CL + YG-Life


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