[Project] To CL, From GZBz, With Love ❀️

Hello everyone,

We have noticed that CL has been missing her friends, members and people in Korea a lot nowadays.
So we decided to do a little project to cheer her on and put a smile on her face while she is working hard on this album.

CL has said before that she loves reading her fans letters.
So with this in mind, we decided to create a book with the fans’s words of support, love and admiration for CL.

Write your message below in the comment section and if you want to keep it personal, send us an email: CLTHEBADDESTFEMALE@GMAIL.COM ^__^

Deadline: April 7th at 12 AM KST



97 responses to “[Project] To CL, From GZBz, With Love ❀️

  1. Dear CL,
    Thank you for being the best leader, baddest female and greatest μ•ˆλ‹ˆ. We are excited for your U.S. debut because you put so much work into it. BlackJacks and GZBs will always be by your side! We also hope that you come back home soon because we realize how much you miss your 2NE1 family. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful leader and thank you for everything you’ve done throughout the years. CLμ–Έλ‹ˆ please don’t overwork yourself~~ if you ever stop by Chicago, I promise I’ll buy you the best Chicago pizza γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹. don’t forget that we love you!

    with love, Jackie from the ForMinzy Twitter Team.

  2. Hi CL,

    As you know, you are THE baddest b*tch on the planet and you are leading a revolution in fashion and entertainment. Thx for being so amazing, can’t wait until you come to the US on tour! GZBz of the world unite!

  3. My dear baby Chae,

    I don’t know where to start… I’m so proud of what you did since all these years, everything you do make me more and more in love with you and more fan every day. I’m so proud to be your fan, proud of you. I really can’t wait for your US debut, I know that it would be an awesome album, because nothing great ever came easy ! πŸ˜‰ Please don’t work too hard on it, it don’t need it because it will be perfect for sure, cause you are the Perfection. I know that it’s hard for you to be far away from your familly and your friends from Korea.. And it’s hard for us too, your fans. Since you’re in the USA we have many updates of you, many photoshoots, and we really can’t wait for you US album, etc. But we really miss your moments with 21 or any YG member, 21’s concerts or just live, moments with fans at the airport… I hope your album release very soon in that way you’ll be able to come back as soon as possible to Korea ! I hope that after it will be released, you’ll be a worldstar (you already are) and that you’ll come to Europe ! I want to see you more than 3 seconds through a car’s window, I don’t even know if you remember that you waved and smiled to me but it means the world to me γ… γ…  I love you more than word can explain, and I will always love you.. You da best babe β™₯

    From Cidjy, with love.

  4. Dear the one only CL,

    Thank you for never being afraid to be a badass and do things that others wouldn’t do. All these years being beside 2ne1 and watching you grow with your always charismatic badass vibe and your smile has always given me confidence to be like you. I can’t wait for you debut because I know you will come out with something fresh. Please rest and dont overwork yourself because we would rather see you healthy then fainting. Thank you and the girls for giving us a surprise at MAMA 2015 I think I forgot how to breathe and thank you for being a great and amazing leader. Keep your head up Chaerin and know that blackjacks are always right beside you and your family and friends are always there with their support and love. One day if 2ne1 come to tour in Australia, I will definately be there!

    With Xoxo, Rose from Sydney Australia ❀️

  5. Hi!^^
    I just want to say that I love you so much,I’m a blackjack and I want you to know that we will be always with you,thank you so much and fighting ^^
    (I’m from spain so…sorry If something it’s wrong) (I’m a chaera shipper >u<)

  6. To my dearest CLroo
    I first came across 2ne1’s “hate you” completley randomly. Back then, i was having a really hard time and although the song was in a language i didnt know, i understood it somehow. I quickly became a fan of this eccentric, wild yet strangley captivating girl group, and i havent looked back since. Cl, you and 2ne1 make me so, so happy. I hope your American debut goes well, and although you are under a lot of pressure, i truly hope that i will love you no matter what. Cl, hwaiting!!!

  7. Dear CL,
    Thanks for the best leader in the world, thanks for helping me when I need more, you wonder, how you help me?, the answer is easy when I have a problem, I listen your music, and that makes me stronger.
    Your voice is are pretty. β™₯I met you with song “fire” and I love your voice β™₯
    I know that you working for more time, and I want thank for that, I also know it is not easy, but you can CL!!! β™₯ We (GZBZ and BlackjackΒ΄s) support you β™₯ and we wait the time necessary β™₯ I love you CL, Good luck β™₯ greetings from Mexico, Love you CL.
    With love, Brisa. β™₯

  8. Hey CL,

    First I’d like to say that I admire your commitment to the things you love. In many ways you are my inspiration to be a strong, confident woman and achieve my goals.

    Being so far from home isn’t easy, especially when you’re embarking on such a big mission. I lived in Japan for 4 years. I’m from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico which is about 30+ hours away from Eastern Asia by plane. It was not easy but what an experience. I will always look back to those years as some of the best of my twenties because I grew in ways I never thought I would. I also saw you in person for the first time in my life! I was there for the New Evolution shows in Osaka~ Two nights in a row. Hahaha. So yeah, being far from family and my best friends was hella hard but life was amazing. Now that I’m back I miss my friends back in Japan and Korea though. Hahaha. Life is curious like that.

    You’re an incredible woman with flair, confidence and power. Keep the badassery going because you’re doing everything right to blow out into the American market. Your fans will always be there for you~ and I’m sure the girls and your friends and family back home will always have your back.

    With much love and admiration,

    Roxy (hard core GZBZ)

    PS: I can’t stop jammin to Hello Bitches!! It’s such a great song!

  9. Chaerinaaaa!

    The baddest female but such a cutie offcam. I’m so excited for everything that you will do. From your US solo album and 2ne1’s comeback. Please take care unnie. So proud of you. Cheer up! #StayGoldCL

    PS: don’t mind all the haters. Remember, you can make a hater famous yea? πŸ˜€

  10. Dear CL,
    I want you to know that no matter what us Blackjack’s & GZBz are alway’s here for you. We will support you in anything you do and keep doing what you do. It must be hard doing this without your girl’s, your family, & your friend’s but just know that they are always by your side aswell. I can’t wait till you release your album to show the state’s, the world what CL , 2NE1, & YGFamily is all about. Take your time and don’t listen to the haters we all love you very much. Please dont over work your self and stay healthy~β™‘
    Love , Edwin from @2ne1.offixial instagram team πŸ˜ŒπŸ’šπŸ’š

  11. Hi, dearest CL!
    I just wanna to thank you for all the happiness that you gave me, for all the good moments and all the good songs, and all the times that I was feeling weak, sad, and I listened to your songs and I felt happiness again. I just Wanna to say : Keep being this amazing woman and singer, keep inspiring all GZB around the world. And I hope you to come to Brazil someday. I love you
    (Sorry for the English)
    The sweetest kisses
    JoΓ£o Pessoa – Paraiba – Brazil

  12. Hello Chae,
    If I were a man, I want to marry you. Why? I amolder than you but you are my role-model. Every words of you encourage me, be independent and confident. That’s have very positive effects on me and I held my head high in every situation and face it never leaving my family and friends. You make me feel safe and perfect more than other people do. That’s why if I were a man or if it is possible even if I am not a man, I would like to have a precious girl like you.
    I wish you happy and have a good time.
    with loves Cho from Myanmar.

  13. Dear queen CL,
    You are my role model, Everything you do encourages me and helps me threw school, because I am very shy, and sometimes I want to scream “HELLO BITCHES” when I walk into school γ…‹γ…‹
    I am living in the United States so don’t worry I’ll make sure you slay everyone.
    I can’t wait for your album, hopefully it comes out before my birthday, May 18, same as your friend Taeyang γ…‹γ…‹, but no hurrys to release it, take your time, love you with all my heart. I’ll be at your concert if you come by~
    ~Austin from the United States

  14. CL unnie, be strong ya! You kendudiz (can do this). Thank you for continuously inspiring me with everything you do. Your friends and family from Korea are definetely proud of ya.. And i am too. Will always support you, unnieπŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ™†πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏿 Please look after your health too.

  15. CL unnie:) miss you so much! we the GZBz and Blackjackz are always here for you and the queenz 2NE1! no matter wt, plz rmb we will be here for you!!^^ love you chealin unnie and stay positive and COOL B) FIGHTING AND NOLZA!!
    from hongkong gzb

  16. Hi my GZB i’m from Peru πŸ™‚ 2ne1 have a lot of fans here! in latinoamerica.. please take care of you and your members πŸ˜‰ we are waiting with love your album .. we know that you are the real queen in this industry… please always remember that you are not alone .. you have all the love of your GZBs πŸ™‚ also BOM , DARA , MINZY are so proud of you..always stay happy and don’t be sad remember you are the REAL BADDEST FEMALE πŸ™‚ we love U … blackjacks always here!

  17. Dear CL,

    We blackjacks and GZBz are veryy very proud of you. You are a role model to everyone. Thank you for inspiring me with everything you do.. Thank you for the happiness you gave me. We all can’t wait for your US debut, slay us all, we all know you can do it. #StayGold…. remember that we are all here for you in good times or in bad times we will always support you no matter what. Don’t mind the haters we got your back we will never let you down. WE LOVE YOU CL!!
    Take care always, have a good time, stay healthy. FIGHTING!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’• LOVE YOU
    Julia from the Philippines

  18. Dear Internet MOM,
    Even the baddest female may feel lonely at times but know that you are never alone, we got your back. You continue to inspire us , the GZBz, and you cannot imagine how much we are proud of you for pushing forward with your dream. We anxiously await your debut !! I’m pretty sure its gonna slay cause you put so much time and effort into this. It may have been hard doing this solo without your lovely members but we know that they and all of YG family are proud and happy for you.
    MAMA CL #StayStrongAndFierce
    Your music helped me get through certain things in life so I look forward to your new music that will accompany me on life’s various adventures.

    I Love you soooo much.
    Sharon from Lebanon

  19. Dear CL,
    I’m haven’t been here since the beginning but I sure as hell will be here till the end as they say once you ChaerIN you can’t ChaerOUT, We can’t wait for you to release new music and I just want you to know that we’ll wait and that you should take your time, it’s not an easy task to transfer from one industry to another. you’re amazing, beautiful, inspirational, talented, Sweet, kind, fearless, powerful and Unique and I love you from the bottom of my heart.
    Yours Truly, Salwa from Kuwait πŸ™‚

  20. Hello my dear Chae Rin
    I hope you are well, really are working very hard, I’m very excited about your new projects.
    I’m Becca, I am 21 years old, I’m from Mexico, I am a student and listen to your music for more than three years, really love 2ne1. I love your work, your style, your music ❀❀ and all what you do, you are an inspiration for your persistence and your desire to be better every day. I hope to actually be able to see you someday and I also hope to attend one of your concerts. All look forward to your return. Be strong. You can do whatever you want and your dear fandom will be to support you. You will only find success!

  21. Hi Queen!

    Big fan from the UK here! Thank you so much for inspiring me to be confident and to be myself. Your music is amazing and I’ve already shown all my friends. My best friend also loves listening to you now! πŸ˜€ You’re a great leader and a stylish icon. I wish you luck in your album and can’t wait to hear it.

    Love Zoe Xx

  22. To CL. My Queen Mother.

    I’m worried about CL. I wonder if she’s okay. She obviously misses 2ne1, Blackjacks, and her GZBz. It’s evident on her posts. Her birthday greetings, her tweets, her comments on instagram. I can’t help but ask if she’s happy right now? Is she pressured or what? What’s happening to her? I really hope she’s fine. I know she’s a fighter but she’s also human and she gets tired too. I don’t know what can I do for her just like what 2NE1’s music did in my life, I can just only wish and pray for her to be okay. It pains me when I think that she’s sad right now, but what can a fan do, right? *sighs*

    I hope you’re okay, internet mom, queen mommy Chaerin. I believe in you. I will always believe in you. Please take good care of yourself. As much as I want to take care of you like how your music taken care of me, I don’t know how can I do that. But know that someone loves you right here. I may not be your number one fan but I surely love you and wishing you all the best. I want you to know that, don’t lose hope if you’re feeling down right now because many people trust that you can soar higher. You want to inspire people, right? You want them to look at you then tell themselves that, “if CL can reach for her dreams, I can make my dreams come true too,” well you made it Mom, you inspired me that I can be successful in my chosen path too. I love you so much and thank you. Thanks to you and Dara, Bom, and Minzy. I pray for the happiness of the four of you. You deserve all the good things in this world.

    Loving you so much,
    @nikkamendozaa / @nmontelizalde

  23. Dear Lee Chaerin unnie,

    im addy a huge fan from Malaysia, thank you so much for inspiring my souls in so many ways. You are amazing. You are definition of woman i want to be in the future after my mother. i hope u will not give up and continue in what you are doing. You make me realized confidence is the new sexy attractive in this century. Your fashion sense definitely at another level and your music is the most flawless, pleasant and inspiring.Within CL there is Lee Chaerin and i can always see both of it in each of your art masterpiece.


  24. Dear My Internet Mom,

    Yesterday I’ve got a mental breakdown 😞 because hmm actually I don’t know he is haters or not but he tells You to return to Korea and cancel plan Your debut in the United States πŸ’” and immediately joined group to prepare the album 2ne1 again. You know, when it feels upset 😑😑. Want to upset bu I can’t because of the stubborn will remain stubborn, isn’t it? finally I could only cry 😣😩😭.
    Eonnie, don’t worry We (the GZB) will be patient waiting for Your voice, Your work, and Your debut stage action ☺☺☺.
    In spite of it all the most We want Eonnie stay healthy always, enough sleep and always think positife ☺☺☺ and oh yes We are sad because eonnie skinny now, we prefer the body that contains hehehe *peace* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŒ
    I personally miss You so much 😘😘 and the moment when You’re with G-DRAGON πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜ *Skydragon feelings die hard inside me πŸ’—πŸ’—* heheheπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    I hope You are in a relationship πŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ’— !!! yuhuuu ~
    Let’s come to Indonesia again well with the members of 2ne1 or yourself !!
    I’m so looking forward to meeting in person eonnie, can’t You yaa ?? hihihi 😁😁
    And for the last time I want to say ..

    ps: Your song’s SLAY me!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Your Biggest Fan,
    Gita from Indonesia πŸ™

  25. Dear cl,
    To us blackjacks, you’re perfect, no matter how much haters there are, always remember, you still have us, BLACKJACKS. Thank you for being such a caring, kind and cute leader of 2ne1. 2ne1 is nothing even without only a member. 2ne1 is everything. 2ne1 is love πŸ™‚
    Hope to see you soon in Singapore πŸ™‚
    From: Irene ~ Singapore πŸ™‚

    Hey what’s up my Queen~ I know u are trying hard to do the album, don’t forget to take care yourself ^_^I can’t wait to see how damn good your music will be. Although I am from HK(so…pls forgive me if I get any wrong..γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹) but through your performance and your music, I can understand what u messages u want to send. Music makes one EXPECTUALLY FOR YOUR MUSIC !!!!!
    I love watching yours post in all the SNS it make me know more different face about u. U can be a girl which is so cute but u still can be a queen make people all kill. You are so perfectβ™₯β™₯
    Thank you for being a good leaders alwayssssss. I really miss u and 2NE1. I hope u will come back with 2NE1 members very soon♀♑♧◇ BlackJack are always be your side.

    λͺ¨λ“  κ±Έ λ³€ν•˜κ²Œ ν•˜λŠ” μ‹œκ°„
    μ•žμ—λ„ λ³€ν•˜μ§€ μ•ŠλŠ” 건
    λ„ˆλŠ” λ‚˜μ˜ QUEEN♀
    μ–Έλ‹ˆ μ‚¬λž‘ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ μ˜μ›νžˆ β™₯
    From: GZB_J02, with love

  27. Dear our chaelin ❀
    Thank you for your existence and please remember that each and every blackjack always love and support you.
    With love, Neath.

  28. Dear My Internet Mom +CL+,
    First of all Thank You for being a good leader. Your trully a Baddest Female πŸ™‚ I know that you have a lot of works to do so I just wanted to say that we Blackjacks are here to fight, cheer, and stay with you πŸ™‚ Goodluck to your US debut ^_^ And I’m really waiting your album. You know what I really miss you with your members(2ne1) your memories with them πŸ˜₯ , I know that you really miss them too 😦 . I wish 2ne1 will perform COMPLETE in stage AGAIN ^_^ My Charismatic Leader, To my Baddest Female, To my Internet Mom. And don’t forget that WE BLACKJACKS AND GZBs ARE HERE AND SUPPORT YOU NO MATTER WHAT πŸ™‚ Your really a Baddest Female *3*

    ~Rheiana with so much love

  29. cl unnie u r ma internet mom who always give me the power im thankful for u bec u r in this live bec u r make me feel happy &u always make me proud of u i love ya so muchπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ˜’

  30. Dear Chaelin,
    I want to thank you so much for being the best female group leader ever..β™‘ to me, you’re my whole universe. Please release your album soon ’cause we’ve been waiting for like 1827373903 years! I believe u’ll success and make it on top! we’ll always support you our #BabyRin γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ I’m so proud of you and I know that u missed us, cause we missed u more than anything!
    Thank you also for caring about ur girlzz the 2NE1 members… always 2NE1 FOURever!
    so… I just wanna say I hope u’ll get what u want and I hope i’ll get the chance to meet you one day my one and Queen!
    I L O V E Y O U ~ ❀
    – From an Arab fan.. #2NE1 nolza!

  31. Dear CL,
    I want you to knowthat no matter what us Blackjack’s & GZBz are always here for you. We will support you in anything you do and keep doing what you DO. I am proud to say I am a GCW or blackjack. I hope there may be a comeback of 2NE1 .. I think that everyone hopes :). I love your music, I ^^ already infected my siblings so. I know you have many fans in the world but now also a lot of fans have formed in Germany and we hope that you may soon come sometimes to us in Germany, which would be a dream. in behalf of my brothers and sisters and we want to tell you that we loved you and we hope we get to hear or see more of you and me.

    From Peggy from Germany

  32. Hi my beautiful CL! I love you so much! I will always support you❀ We are excited for your USA debut. Blackjacks and GZBs always love and support you! Always be happy! Dont forget! You are sooooooo beautiful and talented! Thank you for everything! I’m Turkish fan and you have many Turkish fan. You are the best! And see me on instagram hahahah ID: flawlesschae πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    With love. Sena from Turkey

  33. Dear our beloved Chae,

    As you know, your GZBs love you so much and we appreciate all that you do for us. Thank you for providing us with amazing music and being such an inspiration to many. I can’t wait for your new album to be released as I know you will do well in the US. I hope you can come to Europe sometime,
    especially the UK.

    Continue being amazing and beautiful and I’ll continue supporting you throughout anything!

    I love you CL!

    – Lauren (@laurenternent on Instagram)

  34. Hello My sister CL ❀️ !

    I just want say that i love you and 2NE1 so much, we are in here to Become Blackjacks, we love 2NE1, always beside you ;). Album debut in US, i Know that it would be an awesome album, we will wait for your album, be Healthy ~~~~, I’m proud of to be your Fan, proud cause I’m a BJs, proud of you and 2NE1. And I love you,
    Be strong My sister! I love you!
    Fighting! πŸ’ͺ🏻

    From VIETNAM with β€οΈπŸ’ LOVE

  35. Hello CL! I really don’t know what to say… But I just wanted to tell you to be yourself and never change, because we GZBs love you for who you are, with all your pros and cons! Keep slaying like always! Hwaiting! (And if you stop by Italy for a tour or just for a visit, I’ll treat you the best meal Italy can offer!)
    Eleonora ❀

  36. Dear my CL – the one and only baddest female,
    I wanna tell you a story.
    I’ve been following you and 2NE1 for almost 5 years since the first time I heard “I am the best”, the song I still consider THE BEST of 2NE1’s songs ^^ I don’t know how to describe that feeling but… maybe “I am the best” is so special to me cuz it was the song that made me “curious” about 2NE1. I was so impressed by the style, the swag, and the talents that were shown in the MV. Then I started to get to know more about 2NE1. “Lonely”, “Ugly”, “I don’t care”, “You and I”, “Don’t cry”, “Kiss”, “Please don’t go”… All those songs made me deeply fall in love with 2NE1. And you know what? At the very first moment when I saw a 2NE1’s photo, the member that totally caught my attention was you, LEE CHAERIN.
    You are the best female rapper and leader I’ve ever known, but the reason why I love you so much is your loving heart and… you know, your personality. Your smile is always bright and sparkling, it makes me feel happy even when I was in a terrible mood. I.just.love.your.smile.so.much.
    Chaerin~ah, you are my idol, my love, and most important, my inspiration. I always tell myself that I gotta live a good life, take care of myself, care for the ones I love and be exactly who I am, just like what you do. Your words have made me a stronger girl, really.
    Through all these years, you and 2NE1 have never let me down. Although not everything has been perfectly fine, I still believe that everything will be okay cuz we have each other, right? Blackjacks will always stand by 2NE1, I promise.
    I just wish I can understand all the difficulties and loneliness you have to suffer right now… I just wish I can hug you and tell you how much GZBz miss you… But I can’t. All I can do is writing down these words and hope that you may read them and somehow feel better.
    And remember that, I’m still waiting for your US debut album and also 2NE1 comeback ^^ Or no, WE are waiting, ALL OF YOUR FANS ARE WAITING!!!
    I love you. Always.
    A Blackjack from Vietnam

  37. My dear Chaerin

    I don’t know if you ever heard of that tiny little Country, that i come from but i hope you did, because i’d like to tell you how much you inspire me.
    Everytime someone asks me “Who is your biggest Idol in this World” the answer is always the same : Lee Chae-rin. While others might not know who i’m talking about, because they only know you by your stage Name, a.k.a. CL, i know exactly who i’m talking about.
    To me, you are the reason, why i learned to love myself for who i am and not who other people like to see me. As a 16 Year old Girl, that naturally has doubts about herself, you inspire me everyday with your kindness, your talent, your hardworking self and your way of living your life. Seriously, there is no other person in this world that i admire as much as you.
    I love the way you care for your Girls (2NE1) and your Friends. To me, there couldn’t have been a better Leader than you. So don’t let them haters get to you, let them sit & stare πŸ˜‰

    I hope that i can tell you all this in person, one day and hopefully you will read this with a big smile on your face, while beeing proud of yourself! I can’t wait for your Album. Take your time, my Queen, you don’t have to rush with it. I’m happy as long as you’re doing it your way and not let anyone tell you something else ^^. Remember, you’re our Internet Mom and us Blackjacks & Gizibes will alwqys support you!

    Sending you so much Love β™‘

    Michelle from Switzerland

  38. Chae…. I will tell you this in person one day, but for now, written epistles. Thank you for being alive, and for doing what you do. Thank you for standing up for and doing what you believe in. It gives me strength to see you shining the way you do. When I see you, it makes me believe that I can overcome everything that stands in the way between me amd accomplishing my dreams. You, above any and everyone else on this earth, are the person I want to be like. Be happy, and smile. Genuinely. Purely. Be strong in this time while you are away from your home, except when you can’t. And when you can’t, I want you to know that as much as we can, as much as possible, we will be here for you, holding you up. Whether it is in the prayers of those who hold a faith, the fanfights we get in because ignorant or negative people talk smack, the moral support that we try to send out on social media, or like now…the letters we write, we have got your back, Mom.


  40. Hello Chaerin, you’re the best I’m waiting your album I want it so much I’m thinking of you all days you work so hard for us I hope you’re happy coz we love you. FORM FRANCE…….. @leechaerin.2ne1 (instagram ). REAL BLACK JACKS FOREVER πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ KISS. BYE

  41. Hello my lesbien crush 😎😘

    I know you are the baddest female/queen πŸ‘‘and love to make us GZBs and blackjacks fall for you. You are like the peanut to my jelly 🎢(lol). Just know that we are always right behind you when you need us, even if we are far away just look up at the moon that we share. I am excited for your album, I know people have been begging and started to get tired but us true fans will wait as long as you need us to wait because we know all your hard work is going to make us proud. Please keep us in your heart because you are always in ours. I have been following you (not a stalkerπŸ˜‚) for so long and I have been amazed at how such a beautiful, diva, sexy person can exist and I can defiently say that you keep making us smile. I know you are making the 2ne1 members proud by just working even behind the scene. Your work is always my favorite and I hope for more.

    I am your number one GZB and I love you so much+ internet mum+

  42. Dear CL
    Thank You so much for being yourself. You showed me how be more bold, more confident, be more comfortable in my body. That with hard work, the results will be all the more sweeter. Thank you so much for your music, you work so hard for your fans. Take care of yourself, and remember that your fans will be with you until the end. Keep us in your heart, for we keep you in ours. Good luck on your future projects.
    With lots of love Janely

  43. CL,
    Never forget that your gzbz are always here for you, and i hope that you dont put too much pressure on yourself to able to please us. All we want for you is to be happy. We will wait for your new music patiently and support you as hard as we can. Don’t ever change, don’t ever lose that confidence of yours, don’t ever lose yourself from the haters. I love the cute, caring and child side of you. I live for the fierce, bad bitch, and all – out performer on stage side of you. I wish to see you achieve your dreams and more, but ultimately to see you happy. Sending you my love from the Philippines.

  44. Dear CL, we are so proud of since day one you step up on the scenario for the first time showing what you have that is the big talent, the uniqueness, the charisma, the power, the passion you have when youre up there with a mic in your hands, we know youre working really hard to get done your US album, we got you back as always , you can do it, all through these years im still here supporting you and i’ll always will because i want to see you get to the recognition you deserve for your harwork all the past year, love you queen, your GZB always here! FIGHTING!
    with love Miaβ™₯

  45. To our dearest CL,

    First, I wanna say belated happy birthday! Hope you’re doing fine and please don’t overwork yourself. As my dad saying goes, “All work and no play makes *insert name*, a dull girl.” Thank you for always inspiring me (and all the GZBs around the world) through your music, fashion, and of course your love towards 2ne1. I know there are still a lot of people hating you but you still are standing still and I wanna tell that we will stay with you no matter what until the end. Thank you for everything. Hoping that these messages we have for you will help you in every way. We love you! Stay beautiful and humble! Spread GZB love!! :)))) β€πŸ˜™

    With Love, mhenniee

  46. To. my lovely unnie, CL.
    First of all, I would like to mention how proud and thankful I am of you. You have been one of my inspirations, you kind of taught me to be myself, and don’t care about the haters. Us, GZBs, are standing by your side, supporting you, along with your loved ones. Please, be healthy and take some rest from time to time. Stay chill and true, you are doing good. ❀
    Lots of love!
    From. your GZB, Zeea.

  47. Chaerin Unnie!! (Can I call you that??)
    I have so much respect for you and as a teen in today’s Western society, you’ve inspired me so much! Even though Kpop is beginning to become popular here in England, you’ve reached out to me! Your words of wisdom e.g. “Just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you’re wrong” have made me do so much and help advise others, they’ve helped me chase me dreams and strive for what I really want.
    Once I was experiencing a really hard time through exams and a break up and your voice, music and lyrics helped me get over it. Unnie, thank you for empowering me, for letting me get back on track. To let me stand up for myself , I don’t know if you realise how much you mean to me and other girls. In my eyes you’re not just CL or Lee Chaerin the leader of 2NE1, but the leader of a whole new generation!
    So thank you Unnie. Work hard and don’t let anyone hold you down, don’t be afraid to be yourself! That’s what you taught me. I’ll keep waiting for you and 2NE1. Unnie Fighting! Take care of yourself and the other unnies as well! Best of luck!
    I know you’ll ‘kill them!’
    Sincerely, a blackjack.

  48. Dear cl,
    I became a fan of 2ne1 about a year ago and one thing I have learned from watching 2ne1 TV is that your so humble, caring, and lovavle. I hope you don’t stress too much about your u.s debut cause when the right time comes to release it I have a feeling your going to slay lol. I love you (100x) !!! Also thank you for taking care And protecting our dear loving park bom and always remember #gzb love cl.
    -Fighting CL-
    Sincerely: Amy from Atlanta

  49. Hello , Chaelin ..
    I just want to say thank you , thank you and thank you for being my source of inspiration . Your songs touched my heart , and I’m not saying this only because I’m your fan but because I appreciate musics and arts even there were language barrier , but hey , music is universal , right ? . So , I looking forward for your US debut album to release . I will wait , I will always do . Good things always come to those who wait .. I believe in this . Keep continue inspire us blackjacks and gzbs with your masterpiece . I love you

    Sincerely ,
    Nadia , BJs and gzbs from Malaysia . 2ne1 nolja !

  50. Dear my biggest idol CL
    Unnnie you are very important in my life. When I see you, I feel very happy. Because of you I can make my dream come true. I wish you can know how much I love you. Surely, I will come and see you in your concert in the USA or Korean in the future. I wish I can talk with you as my sister. I LOVE YOU & I WILL FOLLOW YOU ALL TIME OF MY LIFE thank you!!!

  51. Dear my biggest idol CL
    Unnnie you are very important in my life. When I see you, I feel very happy. Because of you I can make my dream come true. I wish you can know how much I love you. Surely, I will come and see you in your concert in the USA or Korean in the future. I wish I can talk with you as my sister. I LOVE YOU & I WILL FOLLOW YOU ALL TIME OF MY LIFE
    Big love From Vietnam

  52. Hello, CL unni! I am Miso (Muskaan) from India and I’m a dedicated GZB. You inspire me a lot, I respect you and your work. You are amazing. I have no words to say. Listening to your songs during my hard times, always inspiring me to move on during hard times. You are just so so good, I wish I could see you and meet you in person. I want to hug you, and smile. I really love your attitude and how you are so strong and bold, not following any stereotypes, or believing in them, so cool. You might not know but you have many many fans in India. I am just one of them. I really like to draw you, you are my muse. Thanks you for being born, Omma! Love you! πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

  53. To my one and only CL,

    I see you’ve received loads of love from your fans already, mind if I squeeze mine too? I know that you know that you are one fine sexy lady but did you know that your confidence makes you a 1000x sexier? How I wish I could have at least a quarter of your confidence. People tell you that you’re not beautiful? Man, the way you carry yourself makes me jealous of you more than those whom they call beautiful. How I wish I can be as cool and calm as you. There’ll be times when you feel lonely and alone, and everything is against you, but do remember there are people who love you and keep supporting you. At least I will stay right behind you, always. Keep being you as you yourself know what’s best for you. Chin up, bright smile. I love you so dearly that seeing your smile is enough to make me smile too. Dear Chaerin, from the very bottom of my heart, I sincerely love you. Virtual hugs and kisses. All the bestest of the best!

  54. Hi dear CL,
    I know you’ve been so busy for your albums and you miss your loved ones in Korea but always cheer up eonni. Your gzbz are always here for you. Where you go is where we go. When you are happy, we are happy. I love you eonni. i love everypart of you. Everything anout you is so precious. I hope you’ll not be sad because we don’t want that. As a gzb, we will always support you, no matter what happens, you can always count on us. Chaelin or CL, MY PRECIOUS LADY, ALWAYS BE HAPPY 😊


  55. CL,

    Please know that your fans will always have your back. We don’t care about the time it takes you to put out music. All we care about is that you are happy and working in a positive environment with people that believe in you and want to help you succeed. Don’t ever listen to people who speak negatively about the time you are taking to create music. Quality and creativity takes time. We know that you push yourself to be the best you can be, and that the final product will be well worth waiting for. Your perseverance and confidence inspires us all. We admire you so much for following your dreams and for taking a chance on debuting in America. As an American I’m really excited for your plans here, because I think you are someone that people in this country could really look up to – someone who is strong, smart, real, and has endless talent and unbelievable energy onstage. You never compromise who you are and you really care about the music you are making and the message that it sends. You are truly one of a kind. Blackjacks and GZBz will support you no matter what. Thank you for bringing such great music to the world. I’ll always be rooting for you.

    -Noelle, USA

  56. Hello Baby Chae,
    How are you doing? I hope you are having a great day. I know you have been working really hard on your album for 2 years now, just to deliver us some good music. It gets harder sometimes but we your true GZBs will always stay by your side and will never leave you. Whatever the outcome might be, we will be there. We don’t care about the charts and we know that our Queen GZB won’t disappoint us. Despite your busy schedule, I really hope that you are taking good care of your health. Please eat on time and have enough sleep, don’t overwork yourself. I really love you so so much and I wish one day I could see you in real life and tell you just how much I love you and give you a tight hug. You will make my wish come true right? Whatever it is, all the GZBs around the world wish only one thing and that is your happiness. So don’t ever lose your beautiful smile and always be happy. You are the most precious treasure ever for us and we wish nothing but the best for you. We miss you so so much. We are waiting to see you back on the stage and do what you born to do. Thank you Lee Chaerin for being born and for being who you are. LOVE YOU MY BABY GIRL ❀ BE HAPPY ALWAYS πŸ™‚

    With Love, LItya from Malaysia

  57. Hey Mom,
    Been thinking on what did i wanted to tell you. Many things came thru my mind… But the truth is: i don’t have much to say.
    Just, thank you.
    Thank you, a million times… Thank you.
    For making me feel more alive and happy. For always being here for me, even when no one was.
    Even though you wasn’t “here”, but… Your music was. In ways that i cannot put in words, your music gives the everyday amount of energy i need, to go on, and to get thru all. It has so much power and so much strengh… It makes me proud to say i’m a fan of yours.
    Thank you, Chae.
    I know you’re putting so much effort on this album, and I just wanted to say we appreciate it. I appreciate it, always.
    Take you time.
    We are not in a rush and we’ll patiently wait for it. You’re gonna smash it, and i’ll be here for you too. Forever and always.

    Once again, thank you. For being the best idol and role model. You made me believe in my own self.
    You made me believe in my own worth.
    You made me believe in me.
    Thank you for that, thank you for life.

    So cheer up, gurl. You know yo da baddest bitch out here.
    Slay them, Queen.

    Lots of love,

    From Brazil.

  58. Dear CL-roo,
    The firstly, i miss you so much.
    The secondly, i need you.
    The thirdly, i love you.
    Hey my queen, how are you? I hope that you are okay. I know you are very busy to prepare your album. You are tired? Never mind, I’ll always be here for you. I will cheer for you. I’m looking forward to your album there. BlackJacks miss you so much. For it was nearly two years ago, another group 2NE1 inactive. We remember 2NE1. I believe that after your album is successful, you will carry on with our 2NE1 right? You live in the US without the member side, you feel lonely, right. I am very worried for you. Many nights I cried when I think about you. You have to be strong how to live alone in a strange place? You have to sacrifice too much. Be strong girls, we are always with you. Keep working hard and then on to us as quickly as possible yet. We are always waiting for you.
    Love you, mah Queen!
    With love, Linh from VietNam!

  59. My precious, Chaerin!
    You said that Blackjacks are like family and like friends. That’s reason I was here and write these lines. During this time you gave inspiration and energy for us very very much. Every day I see you I have more power to make my dream comes true. And now I also want to do it for you. I am looking forward to your solo album so much, I wait so long but this isn’t matter. The most important thing is that you’ve really lived for music, you make music full of passion and you love it. As a friend, I want to tell you that COME ON, GIRL! Dara, Bommie, Minzy and Blackjacks always support you. Take a real success!
    If you feel lonely, facetime to your girls! And take care of yourself.
    I miss you and miss 2NE1 so bad
    Love you One And Only The Baddest Female ❀️

  60. Dear you,

    Everything will eventually come to an end. But it is you who will have to decide whether it will be a happy ending or vice versa. As now you are still in the journey of achieving your dreams,please remember the people you will meet on your way up because you will meet them on your way down, either way I want you to always feel happy and never feel alone. You’ve showed me how to stay humble but at the same time be as strong as possible to pave your way up in making remarkable successes one after another.
    Thank you. From me.

  61. Dear CL,
    first of all thank you for being just you. I entered Kpop because of 2NE1 in 2010 and this has been a beautiful ride since then, even if there was some tough moments. Can’t believe it’s been already 6 years that I have been your fan.
    During those years, one thing that I can say for sure, is that you’re a phenomenal, caring, beautiful inside and out, amazing person.
    Many have known you as the charismatic leader of 2NE1. You fitted this role perfectly and you still do. Your actions towards your members shows it.
    I also read all your interviews and I have to say that the things you say inspire me. You’re setting such a good example for us, young women. being strong and confident is your motto. And seeing you act like that made me realize that I can be like you too, be confident too. I learned from you that it is okay to love myself even if other people don’t.
    So thank you for that.
    Also, I want to say that it’s okay if your album or 2ne1’s comeback takes some more time.
    People don’t realize it but these 2 years must have been tough on you. You’re still a person. To achieve your dream, you left your country, your family, your friends, your members and you went to a new country where you knew only few people. I noticed too that you seem to be missing them these days. But one thing, that I want you to know, is that you will never be alone. You have us, Blackjacks, who will stay by your side no matter what. Even if you don’t know us or never met us, just know that there are people out there, supporting you no matter what, including myself, a 18 year-old girl from France.
    I am waiting for your album and just like you always do, you will slay everyone. Just waiting for the day the whole world will know about and will be inspired by you just like I am.
    Also, after that, I hope you do a 2NE1’s album so you know, all the haters will have their mouth’s shut (Thank you for MAMA’s performance, you made us blackjacks cry but also proud.)
    Seeing you the 4 of you together makes me the happiest because you know, 2NE1 is for sure, the most amazing and best girl group this earth has ever known.
    So just keep doing what you’re doing. Even if the wait will be long, it will be worth it. BLACKJACKS LOVE YOU
    Sending you lots of love from Paris

  62. Dear CL-roo.

    Your strong personality and amazing unique character had me love you ever since I first saw you in 2ne1’s music video ‘Clap Your Hands’ back in 2011. Your stage and off stage persona along with your amazing rapping and singing skills had me love you even more, as I did my research and became fan. You’re without a doubt the strongest female leader and entertainer, I’ve ever encountered in the music industry and I look up to you. I look up to you for being so caring to your family, friends and fans. I look up to you for inspiring and encouraging people to do them and not give a shit about haters. I look up to you for still being you and doing what you love even with so much negativity surrounding us everyday. I look up to you and appreciate you for all your hard work. You’ve done so much for us GZBs/BlackJacks and wish we could pay you back.

    You’ve taught me so much and I will always support you through thick and thin.

    Love you loads, from Diala.

  63. Dear internet mom,

    Thank you for everything : be the baddest female in the world, be the best leader ever and be my inspiration.
    You become my model in the spring 2015. Since then, I can’t go in IG or Twitter without checking your account. I’m gradualy fall in love with you. Now, you’re a part of my life. I mean, everybody around me know who you are because I can’t stop talking about you.
    I play again and again each video of you. It’s weird, but in doing this, I feel more and more close with you. I think I’m addicted to you, your voice, your smile, your style (OMG you can wear everything it would be so beautiful in you)…
    2ne1’s songs make me strong, badass, flawless. It also helps me when I was sad and lost.

    So, thank you CL to exist, to make my life happier and easier. Don’t give a shit to the haters, they dont know you. You’re strong whatever they say.
    You’re beautiful, friendly, generous, talented, smart, hot.
    I’m waiting for your album, ready to be slain.

    With love, a French blackjack, Thouraya ❀

  64. CL, I love your songs and the 21 girls.
    I m not as much obsessed as some your other fans I see how you are one cool lady. Your videos rule, and I love the song come back home, I’m sure your friends and family want that for you.
    I once watched a video you spoke in English and since I don’t know Korean just yet…it was neat and I don’t remember all the details of it…but you spoke of being creative and doing the stuff you want to do. It was so strong and inspiring so keep being you and leave any pain in the dust.
    From Andrea M.

  65. CL, I hope you continue to enjoy making music and that other people enjoy your music as much as you do. Hard-work never goes unrewarded! Don’t let others bring you down and keep on keeping on.

    Love from my little corner of the world, New Zealand,

  66. Dear Faith Lee, Dear the one and only CL of all of us,

    This is the fourth time that I have deleted the message I want to send to you. Other fans have written everything I was meant to say so I will take this in short.
    Thank you for being one of the best wonderful things that came to my life. I am so proud of myself that I have loved you since your very first debut songs. Your songs, your lyrics have helped me a lot through my difficult times. For example, “Ugly” or “Go away”. I was surprised that how every words in these songs could be that similar to my situation and my thought.
    Keep moving, do your best and hold a belief that everyone will be right here waiting for you to achieve your dream and come back. It is okay to not okay sometimes. However, remember to take care of yourself, eat on time and sleep well, Pretty!
    Besides, I want to thank you again for inspiring me to actually take a music composition course which I have been always dreaming of. I am on my way to achieve the second goal which may give me an opportunity to work in the music industry and see you in person.
    You are my inspiration, you are my muse *heart*
    Thanks for everything that you and 2NE1 have brought to BJs!
    Love you, we always ~~~

    One of your GZBs from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

  67. Chaerin unnie~ i wish you have a good healthy and always happy smile. We love you and miss you so much unnie ah~ please come back home ~~can you come back home~~~ β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•β€οΈ

  68. Dear my beloved CL!
    You may be very stressful thesedays. I just want you to know that BlackJacks and your GZBs always beside you. I watched your videos everyday and it make me more strong every single day. I am going to be a teacher, hehe i just said for you to know it. That you have a fan is going to be a teacher. You are always my inspiration, my encouragement ❀ I hope you can reach all your wishes. No matter what happens i always think you are my best girl. ❀
    Love you so much
    Thanh Huyen from Vietnam

  69. Dear CL unnie,
    hang in there, all your friends, family and your #1 GZBs (bom/dara/minzy unnies) are all waiting for your return, your blackjacks/gzbs are also right there behind you, beside you and infront of you. we’ll be your shield and supporter. may your unique ray of light radiate in the land of baseball/football/tall towers and donald truuuuumPET! hahha kidding aside…

    i just want to dedicate a verse for you from Psalm 103:5 – He will fill your life with good things ❀

    ~ the sun shines in the sky &
    sets in the horizon ~ keep your chin up and FLYYYY unnie JJANG JJANG JJANG

    Love BJ/gzb

  70. Hello … Hi CL
    Been missing you so much .. Well i dont what to say hehe ^^ i just miss you so much ❀️ And i wanna hear your voice / singing again just miss you so much ~~~ 😒 Btw take care of your health and dont overwork .. Hope your debut coming soon and back as 2NE1 again i miss the others too .. Wish to see you on stage again ❀️ I love you 🌸

  71. CL, firstly I want to thank you for giving me so much confidence.
    When hello bitches dropped I couldn’t help but be so turned up that my neighbours came, they must hate me for this hahaha… I don’t know if I could handle your album haha I’M SURE IT WILL BE BOMB. I want you to know that there are a lot of people who are proud to be your fan here, in Poland. I love you so much queen <33
    From Natalia, Polish GZB

  72. Dear amazing CL!

    Where to start..
    Many years ago, when I first learned about Kpop, I was still a little girl. I knew only a few groups and one of them was Bigbang.
    I have always felt outside and got picked on and bullied for many things… Me liking Kpop was one of the things I was picked on for.
    Then one day my friend came to me and told me that Bigbang had just come out with a song named lollipop with a girl group from YG that was said to be the female version of Bigbang.
    After I watched that and learned about 2NE1 everything changed for me.
    I felt drawn to your power and attitude. You quickly became not only my bias in 2NE1 (I love you all!) but you also became my role model!
    As I grew with you and 2NE1 and learned more about you, I became stronger myself.
    Today I am 21 years old and I now believe in myself thanks to you. ❀
    You are truly my idol. You have no idea how much you mean to not only me but also so many others. You give so much inspiration and you make one believe in themselves and not to care, just let them haters sit and stare ❀
    I love you CL. I hope for your happiness and that you stay healthy. Always do what makes YOU happy! Don't worry, we blackjacks and gzb's will always support you and send you all of our love ❀

    BIG love from Sofie from Denmark. LOVE you and I LOVE 2NE1! Fighting ❀

  73. Unnie, I know you are working very hard in a foreign country. But do not give up, you know we always wait and support for you, right? You are a strong woman, kindest that I know. Both 2NE1’s sisters, too. You are all great girls. How long wait we also feel worthy. in where so far, i love you, support for you. i wish the best will come to you. One more, i love you, i love 2NE1 so so so much. give Big love for you ❀

  74. Hi CL,
    Thanks for being the best you can be and working hard. I’m really excited for the new music and I hope you’re having the best time making it.

  75. Hello, CL. The only thing that keeps MW going everyday is that I have faith in you. Faith that one day you will become who you want to be. And, I have many reasons to believe you can. Because, you never stop trying. One of the many things that I like you. Thanks for being you. Thanks for keep proving to them you can do it. That they are wrong. Forever your fan

  76. Chaelin,
    I just wanted to say that you are one of the only people who understands me so perfectly, it’s like your my soul sister no lie. You empower me to follow my dreams and to do my own thing besides following everyone else in society. You impacted my life in such a positive way by just being unapologetically yourself! You are such a strong woman and you will do whatever it takes to keep getting to the top. You are super gorgeous inside and out. You’re just like this little sun that shines when you enter a room lol it’s cheesy but true. I really hope you along with the other 2ne1 angels have so so much success and health, but most importantly happiness. You all are insanely talented and I, along with millions of other gizibes/blackjacks truly believe you all are THE #1 best girl group out there. The reason why we say this is because you all are unique, have the sickest songs, and work super hard no matter what. I hope we get to meet in the near future that’d be so dope. Anyways, I hope you feel loved by your fans and we will all support you no matter what. You are seriously such a genuinely amazing person and I hope you believe me when I say that. Keep slaying and keep it real soul sister. You have lots of success awaiting for you, μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš”.

  77. Hey internet mom,baddest female, baby chae chaeee,best leader, cl, you may have many names but you always be our wonderful and talented chaelin, i no, we, GZBZ’s freaaaaaakin Love you bommie,dara,minzy FOURever

  78. Dearest CL! How u doing nowadays? πŸ˜‚ hope u are fine. Ohhh btw i am listening to ur new song, superdope. Yes baby, u are so superdope πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ i know it must hard for u to handle the situation happened right now but dont worry girl, we, blackjacks all over the world will keep supporting u and the girls in no matter what you guys doing. Just please dont give up in what you doing. U know what, u inspired me a lot. 😊😊 lets put a smile on your face everyday. Blackjacks love u, queen. Blackjacks love 2ne1 too. I cant wait for ur solo album and 2ne1 comeback. And last but not least, tq for being a great leader. I love u, my queen, my baddest female, my internet mom and my everything πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    Lots of love, from Malaysia.

  79. Cl don’t be too sad about MINZY. It’s not your fault.I also know that minzy choose this way not because she want to leave us,BJ and 2ne1 but for her furure. Wherether she left or not she will be always in our heart. I will never leave this fandom I am Bj since I was bornπŸ˜…

  80. Dear baddest female on earth,
    First, I want to say thank you for being such an amazing person and role model. I have been a huge fan since 2ne1 had debuted and I continue to love all of you till this day. I even have you as my phone case! Watching you on stage has inspired me to follow my dream and become a performer. I always think ‘What would CL do?’ before actually going through with anything. Thank you for being you and having fun while doing what you love. I hope that I get to meet you one day and give you the biggest hug ever. I love you so much! πŸ’˜

  81. Dear my lovely gijibae,
    Babe, i know this is too hard for accepting the truth. As BJs i also can’t believe it until now. But, everythings happen for reasons, right?
    You are the best leader ever!!! You still on project for your debut album, just focus on it and focus for 2ne1’s comeback this summer. Blackjacks are waiting for you, and eonniedeul. So much loves for you ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
    We love you, we love 2ne1 and we love Minzy too

  82. Dear my mom CL.
    Hi eonni — I’m Bella from Indonesia. How are you? I hope the problems that occurred recently, didn’t break the spirit. It needs to be the best. For those of us BJ in the world. We love you so much eonni. We always support you. Despite the decision Minzy eonni to come out of it makes us the BJ was surprised, we still appreciate it. Despite we really hope he can come back. But, although like that aren’t we be family? Despite they’re not with us, be family, right? But, even though it all happened is the spirit and continue to work hard.
    We BJ’s may not like the others can attend every concert eonni. To buy the album we have to save from pocket money. So, I’m sorry if our disappointing eonni. Despite not come we always tried to see, even if it’s online streaming. Don’t be sick eonni and don’t be crying. Remember eonni life not always happy isn’t it?

    With love Agustin Bella Permatasari from Indonesia.

  83. Dear: CL/unnie/internet mom/etc.
    Hi Unnie! I know you miss your family, friends and especially 2NE1. I know you’ve been sad too because of Minzy’s withdraw. But Unnie, I know you are a great leader and 2NE1 will overcome it and slay on stage again! Please don’t be sad okay? We, your fans are always here for you, to support you and to cheer you up. We know that you’ve been working very hard! Please rest and eat well okay? Don’t skip your meals and don’t eat too much junk. Take a nap if you feel sleepy. We care for you so much unnie! We don’t care about your album as long as your healthy we are okay. Don’t over work okay? You are my Bias and my everything unnie! You inspired me. That being different is being beautiful, for being a great leader, And especially to enjoy yourself! Thank you too for making me find my own self. Unnie remember that we will always support your decisions and especially to support your US Debut. We love you unnie!! Your GZBz will always wait for your US Album even if it takes million years! *whispers* unnie you know you are really my bias because I make a fan page for you! and for 2NE1 too! Its @ygchaelin, @2ne1yge and especially for your ssantokki @paksandara! Just saying unnie! I love you unnie!! *sends virtual hug*

  84. Hey Chae-Bae!

    How are you :)) My name is chadd Bell AkA you’re top male GZB! (IG:chxddb) I’m an african American 17 year old, i live around DC Just seeing you update yo social media makes my day. You’re so beautiful inside and out and i know you love everywhich one of us. We always support what you do and the delaying of the album is just meant to be. Everything happens for a reason and us Real Gzbs understand if it’s not in your full power. CL thank you for everything you’ve done. Make sure your always happy and that’s enoughπŸ’– Oh and keep spring 2017 open (a promposal may come haha!) thank you for reading this, i know theres many more like me, Internet Mom.

  85. Dear my beloved unnie C to the L,
    I love you, and I can’t wait for your new album. Since you’re busy, I just wanna say I miss your voice, your face, your style, your slayed stage,…. Especially, I extremely miss 2NE1. I’m waiting for you. Please come back!!!
    From GZB and Blackjack CambodianπŸ˜†

  86. Unnie,
    I love you so much and you’re my one and only queen ❀️❀️❀️
    Please stay strong and forever be happy my baddest female 😘😘😘

  87. My one and only CLroo,
    How are you? Is everything all right in US? I know you are missing all the ppl in korea and all of us, GZBs. We miss you too. I wanna say “Fighting” to you, if this can give to a strand of strength. I am so excited for 2ne1 comeback in May, although huge part of me still so sad for Minzy’s departure. But i will support you, Dara Unnie, Bom Unnie and Minzy till the very end. Don’t worry so much. We BJs are always here for our Queens. Things are hard for us with 2ne1 hiatus and Minzy case, i can imagine you as a leader must be so sad and feel bad. But things that happened are meant to be happened and we cannot do anything but adapt to it and keep going. We will do that as true genuine Blackjacks. You too, cheer up with all of our love. We love you, always and forever. We will grow old together. When the time come, 2ne1 can no longer perform, we will be always thankful and proud of our girls who give us such beautiful and precious memories. For now, we will enjoy for the new music you will bring for us and set another new beautiful memory again. And i want to add that i will always respect whatever decision all of you make, not only Minzy. We believe in our CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy. We will always stay together whatever path our queens choose. That’s a promise.
    With genuine Blackjack love,
    Chan, Golden Blackjack from Myanmar.

  88. Hi CL,

    I just love you and other members since you guys debut.. I found out that you guys really amazing! I just love how you manage your group even you have two older members in your group… I can say that I am your big fans as all your songs, mv, fashion, and other things that related to you and 2ne1 are in my personal belongings. I just really really love love love you.. Keep up a good work.. Stay strong.. Keep smiling because you look so pretty and cute and adorable when you smile…

    Actually this is my first time that i ever wrote a fan massage to idol and yeah I should be proud if you can notice my massage..

    I have a lot of things to tell you but I don’t why I can’t. I just wanted you to be happy and stay strong for all those people who loves you…
    That all from me..

    Thank you,
    From Nurul유라 πŸ’•

  89. Hi CL!
    First of all your presence is no joke! I mean if you were standing beside Obama you still slay (pardon me lol).Its actually one of the reason why I’m stanning you. It was when I was still a fan of other’s company group, and I accidentally heard “I Am The Best” and I kinda felt something strange in good way when I heard your part. “Who is this?” I asked my self and start looking for the information of the song in internet and I found out your name. I felt like a little kid who just found a pot full of candy. I’m watching 2NE1’s MV and also the live-performance and that time I decided to stanning 2NE1(especially you). “This chick aint basic”. Your taste of fashion, your bold character, your unique way of speaking and many reason why you are deserve to be very successful artist. What I want to say is no matter how many haters said your us debut will flop, there’s always be someone like me. Someone who’ll falling with your voice when they heard your song. Just dont give up you already sacrificed a lots to step on your spot right now.
    Love from Indonesia

  90. Dear CL unnie ❀️
    How you been doing lately ? We miss you so much 😍😭 its been a while πŸ’• Are you busy ? You seem so .. Please take care of yourself and dont do too much work . Take a rest for a while .. We been missing 2NE1 and i know its rough year since ….. Ughhh i believe this wont stop 2NE1 from shine again !! I’ll keep waiting for you untill its time !! We are with you !! Always !! I love you sooooo muchhhh πŸ’• please take care and hope to see more news from you πŸ’ͺ🏻😘 – xxx (2016/08/14)

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