[Article] Dazed Digital: CL is at number 14 Of The Top 20 Tracks Of 2015 (December 9, 2015)


As CL’s upcoming American solo debut dangles tantalisingly on the horizon, our obsession with Korea’s most badass superstar – 2NE1’s singer/rapper Lee Chae-rin – is quickly reaching boiling point. While her earlier collab with Diplo, RiFF RAFF and OG Maco (“Doctor Pepper”) gave us a taster, it’s the banging, dance-floor thud of “Hello Bitches” that got our insides flipping. Flitting between English and Korean dialect, and rapping over Middle Eastern melodies and lurching bass, CL sticks a (literal) middle finger up to basics. “Hello Kitty getting hella old,” she raps, “Want me to love them long time, and I tell ‘em no.” CL might have caught our attention as the Rihanna of K-pop style, but she’s since evolved into an artist that defies comparisons.

Source: dazeddigital


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