[Article] YG-LIFE: YG’s YANG HYUN SUK said, “CL? She is still just a rookie in the States”(November 26, 2015)

[OSEN=손남원 기자] Even world-famous pop star Justin Bieber fell in love with her. Bieber mentioned CL’s solo song “HELLO BITCHES” on the 26 this month on his Twitter that has as many as 70 million followers, saying “This is dope”.

However, CL’s “HELLO BITCHES” is just an intro to her full-fledged solo debut in the United States. Furthermore, CL released the music and dance performance video for free. Why?

YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK hinted on the reason why, in a short interview about the beginning of “K-Pop Star 5” show. YANG was not optimistic or complacent about CL’s solo debut in the States. He said, “(As CL has only little recognition in the American pop market), I came up with this idea of doing promotions for her from even before her official debut. Then, I began to do it right away. Among the songs of CL’s solo album for which I did not have any plan for promotions, I picked “HELLO BITCHES” and began pre-promotion with the song’s dance performance video. It is now getting better-than-expected responses, so I’m very pleased”.

“CL is planning to release a solo album made in English targeting the global pop market early next year, working with Scooter Braun who is the producer of Ariana Grande. As she has worked on the album for a long time, more than 90% of the preparation for the album has been completed and the music video of the title track has also been completed. CL’s experience as the leader of 2NE1 and her fluency in four languages may give her some advantage for her global debut, but actually, CL is still just a rookie in the American pop market, who is about to begin her career”.

CL released her new song “HELLO BITCHES” for free on music-sharing website SOUNDCLOUD on the 21 this month at 21 o’clock (Korean time). The song’s dance performance video was also unveiled on YG’s official blog, music specialist website Noisey, and a fashion channel. That was part of a surprise marketing to pave the way for CL’s success in the North American pop market from before her official debut.

“HELLO BITCHES” has been well-received by fans from in and out of the country, even better than expected. CL boasted a big influence like a blockbuster movie that sells out all the tickets from even before its release. That was only a natural outcome, as only few female musicians in Korea can display such intense and powerful charisma in just a video as CL did.

YANG extolled CL by saying, “The song is of course good but I was really surprised at the dance performance video. Just like the title of the song ‘HELLO BITCHES’, the combination of CL’s flagship charisma and detailed choreography by the team of famous choreographer Paris Goebel gave birth to an excellent work of art”. YANG went on to give two thumbs up to CL, saying, “It’s a really satisfying outcome”.

As everyone knows, YANG HYUN SUK who established and is leading YG now had been the best-ever dancer in Korea, who created sensation in Korea’s music scene from the late 1980’s until early 1990’s. After he met Seo Taiji who was working on his solo album in 1992 and then formed historical boy band “Seo Taiji & Boys” with him, YANG wrote an important history in Korea’s music scene.

Therefore, the dance of CL’s “HELLO BITCHES” must have an especially special meaning for YANG both directly and indirectly, as the very starting point for YANG HYUK SUK’s life as the best underground dancer, a member of Seo Taiji & Boys, and now a renowned producer that gave birth to today’s YG was all about dance.

“CL has never danced to this intense tempo even when she performed in 2NE1. However, CL in the dance performance video of ‘HELLO BITCHES’ gave a shockingly intense image and fresh impression even to me who has produced her performances for the past seven years. That may be because she has an outstanding charisma on the stage, has a great passion for fashion, and has accumulated skills and experiences by performing as a member of 2NE1.

“HELLO BITCHES” is a song with impressively bouncy beat and catchy sound, which was released for pre-promotion of CL’s solo album to be released early next year on the global market. YG’s main producers TEDDY and Jean-Baptiste composed the song, with TEDDY, CL, Danny Chung, and Jean-Baptiste writing the lyrics. Since the song was released for free for the purpose of pre-promotion, CL has no specific plan for performance of the song or TV appearance.

YANG said, “Fortunately, the timing was good, so CL will be able to show the performance of ‘HELLO BITCHES’ on the stage of this year’s MAMA awards. Paris Goebel’s dance team will be invited, to display the performance with CL. I’d like to ask for your interest and anticipation for CL’s solo album to be unveiled in spring next year”.

Source: YG-LIFE


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