[Article] YG LIFE: 2NE1’s leader vs. The Baddest Female (November 20, 2015)

[OSEN=선미경 기자] CL, “The Baddest Female”.

Girl group 2NE1’s member CL starts the engine for her debut in the United States. The first step for the project is release of her new song “HELLO BITCHES” on the 21 this month at 21 o’clock in both Korea and the States. Notably, the song will be released for free on music-sharing website SOUNDCLOUD, as the beginning of CL’s debut project in America. Plus, as a choreography video of “HELLO BITCHES” will be unveiled with the release of the song, fans’ anticipation is rising high.

2NE1 is a unique girl group which is not common in Korea’s music scene. As 2NE1 is recognized as one of the best idol groups for their talent and distinct individuality, they stood under the spotlight on the global stage as well, to grow into globally well-known singers.

# Firm belief, 2NE1’s leader

CL plays the central role for 2NE1, a seventh-year idol girl group. She is a smart leader of the team, who strikes the balance between BOM and DARA, the eldest members of the team, and MINZY, the youngest one. As CL is strong-minded and smart, she has always done so well as the leader. She has always represented her team well and demonstrated her firm belief and confidence in music, in TV shows and interviews.

Notably, CL showed a strong affection for 2NE1 by saying in an interview in the past, “2NE1 that is not new is not 2NE1 any more”, determinedly knowing the direction 2NE1 should take. Such remark demonstrated CL’s sense of responsibility and pride as the leader of 2NE1. As CL knows the best about 2NE1 and is always self-assertive, she seems to be the best leader for the team.

# “The Baddest Female”

CL’s first solo song “The Baddest Female” released in May, 2013, has become the title that best-represents her. The title of “The Baddest Female” has become like CL’s brand, and her new song also highlights the word “BITCHES” in its title, further consolidating such an existing brand of CL.

Along with the distinct color of 2NE1, the title of “The Baddest Female” has played a significant role in expressing CL’s character. If some other girl groups’ member performed with such title of “The Baddest Female”, that might have felt awkward. As such, CL has a very unique concept which cannot be easily followed by others. However, CL naturally expresses such overwhelming title with her flagship charisma, individuality, and confidence.

Since CL has always left an intense and strong impression, music fans have high anticipation for her debut in the States. As words like provocation and charisma go well with her and she has more powerful and intense style than that of any other artists, people are paying keen attention to how those appeals are expressed in her new song.

From even before her official debut in the States, CL featured for Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” in December last year and for Diplo’s single “Dr. Pepper” in May this year. Plus, she stood under spotlight from major foreign media outlets for her performance with world-famous artists in MDBP (Mad Decent Block Party) tour held in the States and Canada. She was even included in the list of “10 Artists You Should Know” selected by American Rolling Stones. As such, CL’s presence as an artist has grown globally and CL is actually living up to such reputation. That is why fans are welcoming the comeback of this “baddest female” who will come as CL herself, not just as the leader of 2NE1, and her solo debut in the United States.

Source : yg-life


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