[Photos] Women’s Wear Daily: #MFW @chaelinCL attends @Moschino after party (September 25, 2015)




Soo Joo Park and CL

Soo Joo Park and CL

Korean pop star CL is poised to begin a solo career in the U.S. after signing with Scooter Braun, who manages Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. But don’t expect her debut English-language EP “Lifted” just yet. “I kind of regret giving out details, because it’s not done yet. You know, I thought I would have it by this time, but I don’t,” she said.

The member of girl band 2NE1 sported a top adorned with stuffed bears for the Moschino show, but her party outfit was less cuddly: She was wielding gold knuckle dusters, albeit also in the shape of teddy bears. “I wanted to put a little bit of my taste on it,” CL explained.

Non-CL’s parts ommitted

Source: WWD.com


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