[Video] 99.7 Now: “CL Talks To Christian For An Introductory Radio Interview” (September 15, 2015)


International superstar CL was in town for Mad Decent Block Party and I was given the chance to do a very special interview with her! This interview is unique because a lot of people in the United States might not be familiar with CL or her background in the music industry. I hope this interview serves as a great introduction to CL.
She will be releasing her debut album in the coming months, but you can get to know her a little better right now by watching our discussion. When the music comes out, hopefully you will have a better understanding of who she is an artist and where she is coming from.
CL is short for Chaelin Lee or 이채린 in Korean. As we discuss in the interview, she rose to fame in a hugely successful K-Pop girl group: 2NE1. She is currently on tour with Diplo and the two have been working on a lot of music together. I predict huge things for her future, so watch this space! As a bonus, I’ve left a couple of her music videos below for you to check out as well, enjoy!

Source: 99.7 NOW! FM KMVQ


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