[Article] Spin Magazine: CL Steals the Show in Diplo’s Massive ‘Doctor Pepper’ Video (August 14, 2015)

Diplo’s new “Doctor Pepper” video has everything you’d want from a posse cut: K-pop superstar (and buzzy new Stateside talent) CL, Atlanta rapper-of-the-moment OG Maco, and WWE star and 10,000 out of 10 stars rap game Tony Danza, RiFF RAFF, all vamping like it’s the end of times.

“Doctor Pepper” is one of the Best Songs of 2015 So Far, and it’s largely due to Diplo’s eye-clawing synth stomps and CL’s attitude-laden chorus and first verse. The 24-year-old is only just starting to break in mainstream U.S. circles (though she’s been at it for quite some time now), and deservedly so: She’s exploding with personality, her charm and snark reverberating through the screen as she sneers, glares, and works the camera. There’s a part where CL’s just standing there firing off a tweet in the dark and she’s still more iconic than most pop stars doing it today.

Source: Spin


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