[Other] CL mentioned in The New York Times: ‘Getting Rowdy: Keith Ape and Real Rap in Korea’ (August 13, 2015)


After Keith Ape releases a handful of new songs, there are plans for an “ ‘It G Ma’ opus,” Mr. Miyashiro said, an extended version — possibly as long as 17 minutes — featuring distinct new sections. One will be produced by Southside, the producer responsible for much of Future’s recent output, and who Keith Ape has been logging studio time with, working on an EP for release later this year or the start of 2016. “We’re doing records with Southside, guns everywhere in the studio, and Keith is like, ‘What is going on?’ ” Mr. Miyashiro said. Another section will be produced by Skrillex — the “It G Ma” remix was released in America on Skrillex’s label, Owsla — and is to feature rapping by the K-pop star CL.

The frontwoman of the superstar girl group 2NE1, CL is one of the most famous faces and voices in all of K-pop. A rapper and singer, she recently signed to the label and management companies run by Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager.

CL is at K-pop’s vanguard, a stylistic polymath who raps and sings. She and G-Dragon of BigBang are starting to collaborate with notable American artists — Diplo for CL, Missy Elliott for G-Dragon. They are K-pop’s global ambassadors — artists who’ve incorporated the sounds of American pop and hip-hop, synthesized them and are now feeding it back out with signature panache.

But in much of the rest of K-pop, hip-hop is just an accent piece.

Source: nytimes


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