[Official] 2NE1 – ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ COMEBACK TEASER 2 (July 4, 2013)

Source: yg-life + 11JAL11


7 responses to “[Official] 2NE1 – ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ COMEBACK TEASER 2 (July 4, 2013)

  1. I don’t like this second picture. It doesn’t match them, I can’t recognize 2ne1’s style. It feels like a summer repackage like Sistar or Secret do and I don’t like it ! I really wish the track will be good …

    • There is always something…jeez, i guess you can never please people. Before it is always, “2ne1 is too dark, Minzy is always covered up, why do they all look angry”..and NOW it is..”this is so not 2ne1 bla bla bla…”.. Some people need to get a grip..This picture is the bomb and it has 2ne1 written all over it. The only thing different i see is the background. Do you always want them to shoot in the same area?…

      • @Clover i agree with you no matter what they do its always a complaint i support them in whatever they do 🙂

      • First of all I think it’s the first time that I think something wrong about 2ne1 Photoshoot ^^ and then just compare all their work since Fire and in particular the pictures for ILY they are more evoluated their is a true new concept behind, that was what YG always do ! A new concept and even if I’m The Best was release at summer they didn’t do a summer look concept, this is why I immediately focus on them. And I never say that I want them to always do the same !! I just found, personally, that this picture above (not the first one) is a bit less extraordinary than what YG use to do. The concept isn’t very original and even if their clothes are cool they aren’t as fashionable as Fire, Can’t nobody or ILY. But I understand that you can have a different opinion than mine 🙂

        • Sorry..didn’t mean to go off on you..Its just that some (not all) blackjacks tend to complain a lot..I want 2ne1 to try some new fresh looks that aren’t so dark but that wont happen if people don’t move on from their previous concepts. No matter what look, I honestly believe that 2ne1 will always execute their unique charisma. The girls execute those, NOT the clothes or the concept. Hopefully YG realizes that as well. Anyway thanks for being a good sport about my comment and mostly for not getting mad. <<<<<<<*Blackjack hug**<3

          • You’re right, 2ne1 are very often executed Dark Concept that’s what I like on them because they’re good at it ! but this is personal taste… And it depends on who you are ^^ anyway I’m pretty excited for their comeback and maybe I will be surprised in liking this new concept (who knows…) ohhhh so cute ~~~*Blackjack hug* ~~~^_−☆

  2. i dun think there is any specific style to desctibe 2ne1. They r always versatile. They always try new things. Thats 2ne1 and i lik how they luk in these pic. Their style indicates fun and colourful summer. Their clothes hav lots of diff patterns and texture which is eccentric.

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