[News] GD-Taeyang, ‘Confirmed’ to be in CL’s first solo debut MV (May 21, 2013)

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It was confirmed that Big Bang member’s G-Dragon and Taeyang will be featured in 2NE1’s CL first solo debut music video

According to a music industry official, many of YG family members, like G-Dragon and Taeyang, supported CL by appearing in her first solo music video.

After 2NE1’s 4th year anniversary, CL‘s solo debut news was released, but no one knows if she’s the first and last soloist. Additionally, with 2NE1’s upcoming comeback, there’s a lot of pressure. (YG Family appearing in the MV) is their way of showing support to the members of the family (agency).

The song for which YG Family has shown their support by appearing in the MV, is a song that is not easily heard within the domestic music industry. It is known that it will be of a ‘Dougie’ genre with a dubstep sound and will be of the latest style in the hip-hop genre.

For the past few years, the Korean music industry has been flooded with girl groups with cute or sexy concepts. However, as a female rapper that deals with hip-hop, which is almost never seen in the (domestic) music industry, CL is the opposite of those girl groups and there is a lot of anticipation from the ‘shock’ that will be received from the release of her solo track.

Also, YGE has never released any basic information, such as the song title or teasers about CL‘s solo track which leaves the fans in a cliff-hanging state.

CL will be going against strong female solo singers like Lee Hyori, Seo In Young and IVY; doubling the intensity of her solo debut.

Meanwhile, YG’s president Yang Hyun Seok gives encouragement to CL, “Even if you’re last, enjoy the moment with all your heart.” Pres. Yang is confident and has no worries or fear about 2NE1’s leader CL‘s first solo album.

Source: News Nate
Translated by: KellyJane@CLTheBaddestFemale.com & CLTBF


Big Bang′s G-Dragon and Taeyang to Feature in CL′s Solo Music Video

YG′s resident bffs, GDYB will be helping out another family member in her solo debut.

YG confirmed that Big Bang′s G-Dragon and Taeyang would both be appearing in the music video for 2NE1′s CL′s first solo single, slated for release on May 28.

YG′s artists have a history of featuring in each other′s music videos, with Se7en, Teddy and Taeyang all showing up in G-Dragon′s most recent solo video for MichiGO, and Big Bang′s T.O.P in Gummy′s video for I′m Sorry.

This will be CL′s first solo venture since debuting with 2NE1 in 2009.

Little has been released on the solo project, though, as the leader and arguably the most versatile of her group, it′s likely to be a runaway hit.

Source: enewsworld


7 responses to “[News] GD-Taeyang, ‘Confirmed’ to be in CL’s first solo debut MV (May 21, 2013)

  1. we BlackJacksXCLovers have been getting good news everyday and its just making me go crazy with anticipation! our QUEEN wont let us down!!!

    • Ahh me too! i’m doing a very stupid thing for two days…checking the date every two hours!TuT I’m going crazy so much anticipation.

  2. Ahhhh I’m getting seriously crazy…the date doesn’t change!TuT LMAO I think I got silly!^^’

  3. I’ve been waiting for Cl’s solo since their debut, I can’t wait for my favorite artist solo release, but I’m worried that YG may most likely change the date again. -_- Anyways, I love how Cl has been getting a lot of admirers lately

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