[Notice] Free CL Fans Distribution At New Evolution Concert In NJ! Everyone Is Welcome •ㅅ•)ノ

Our staff at CLTBF will passing out free CL fans!! We will be distributing the fans on August 17 at Brick City Coffee at around 11:00 AM EST.

Are you ready to have fun with 2NE1 at New Evolution Concert in NJ on August 17?! We’re so excited! 5 more days to go until we see 2NE1 Live!!!!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at https://twitter.com/BaddestFemaleCL or CLTheBaddestFemale@Gmail.com

We hope to see you there ^__^!!


7 responses to “[Notice] Free CL Fans Distribution At New Evolution Concert In NJ! Everyone Is Welcome •ㅅ•)ノ

  1. I’m clicking on the image and nothing is happening. At what times are you guys going to start giving them out?

  2. This is awesome ^^
    By the way, is anyone going to stay there till Sunday morning? I have to be in Newark till Sunday and my friends are leaving on Saturday. I don’t know where and who I can stay with 😦 This is my first time I go to another place by myself so I’m really worried :-s

  3. On YGL they said (though unconfirmed) that the line up time for people with VIP tickets begins at 11. I know this is for the New Jersey show *too lazy to go back to ask on the LA one*, but should this be the case can we show up a little earlier, or will you guys not be there until 11?

    • Okay 🙂 No need to go out of your way for anything though~! Just enjoy your stay in LA and try to make the most of it. Whatever happens, happens ^^

    • Its okay, I understand that there are limited quantities but if you had extras to hand out after the concert that would be awesome. 🙂 Otherwise don’t feel like you have to bend over backwards for me haha. Thank you for replying to my post though!

  4. I won’t be getting there until 2pm, but my friend will be there in the morning. Is it ok for her to take an extra fan to give to me later?

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