[Photo] 2NE1 backstage at FM Yokohama (April 14, 2012)

2NE1 has appeared!!

Today’s 【3R】 segment has the appearance of 2NE1!

This week, we focused on one of 2NE1’s many charms, “live”

The members selected songs that they were moved by when they were
part of the audience for an artist’s live performance ♪

Like A Virgin / Madonna

I Want You Back / Jackson 5

If I Ruled The World / Nas feat. Lauryn Hill

Last month on the 28th, their NEW SINGLE 「SCREAM」 and
FIRST JAPAN ALBUM「COLLECTION」 were simultaneously released!

There is a track that shows one of 2NE1’s charms of being strong women in the front line.
The Japanese lyrics were somehow by… m-flo’s VERBAL!
The girls also participated in m-flo’s new album.
It’s become quite a hot topic.

It’s a collection of their representative songs to somewhat create a best album!

Their song selection was the best, their talk was the best!
It’s become a piece of work full of KG-san’s (Japanese singer) character!
Please pick it up and give it a listen!

For more on their live, schedules, etc
Check out their official HP (homepage)!

Photo Credit: 21impact@weibo + @echo_bi
Source: FM Yokohama Blog
Translation: Caz@CLtheBaddestFemale.com


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