[Editorial] Personal CL: The Warmth that is Chaerin (D-2 to Chaerin’s 22nd Birthday) (February 25, 2012)

This post is of D-2  and the 7th installment on the editorial series to celebrate Chaerin’s 22nd birthday. Now we get to see why she’s called warmhearted Chaerin. ☺


By: Miranda at CLtheBaddestFemale.com


: a Korean word that means Heartwarming.


: is what you get when you combine HunHunDotNe 훈훈돋네 (Slang for HunHun) with Lee Chaerin.

: it also means to warm your heart with Chaerin’s care, compassion, love and soft sides that seems to hide behind the fierce image that she has.

The origin of Chaerin’s nickname, Hunchae was given by her sunbaenim, G-Dragon from Big Bang and was shown in the behind the scenes video of GD’s solo concert “Shine a Light”. Chaerin was one of the characters in the skit that GD prepared for his concert. The filming for the skit happened during winter and they were both shown shooting the scenes outside a cafe. Chaerin offered GD a warm pack as he was shivering from cold despite wearing a couple of layers of clothes and the fact that it was Chaerin who wearing a thinner set of clothes. GD refused the hotpack and was touched by the gesture. When CL went back to her spot for filming, GD could be heard saying that Chaerin is warmhearted and derived a nickname for her, “HunChae“.

Lovely smile that warms your heart

Heartwarming Chaerin has this kind of smile that immediately brings you a different kind of feeling right in your stomach. It’s like sipping your mom’s chicken soup when it’s snowing outside and the weather is hitting the negatives. Whenever she smiles, her eyes turn into two crescents, they are so genuine and precious that you can’t help to look and smile back at her.

Love & Concern for 2NE1 girls

Minji once described CL as the father in the group, but aside from being the father CL is also known to play the role of a Mom in the 2NE1 apartment by the girls!

MC: What are your roles in the apartment?
Bom: CL is in charge of the ‘Mom’
CL: Well, I kind of like having things tidy, so I clean things up often.
Bom: She takes care of us well too.

You can check out the vidoe of this interview by clicking HERE. The portion quoted above starts at 03:06 and CL’s part starts at 03:28

Whether she’s a mom or a father though,  one thing we can see, Chaerin’s concern for her members is real. In 2NE1TV Season 1 Episode 6, Chaerin enlisted the help of their resident stylists, Yang Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Jung, to buy some things for the girls to cheer them up and bolster their morale. She even made an excuse to get out of practice and go out from the dorm during her rest time of to actually design and make 4 pairs of identical and unique shoes in secret for them.

You can watch the video HERE. ^_^ Chaerin arrives in the studio at 01:11, then your will later on see how the girls are worried and asks her whereabouts.)

Even when she’s on vacation, she did not forget to bring gifts back for the girls. She picks them carefully with their interests in mind.

Watching it over here! (@11:45)

[ENG] 090902 Mnet YG Live TV E10 [2/3] {ROYALACES} by YGSRASubs

She always seems to be excited gifting presents to others, doesn’t she? ^_^

In the latest season of 2NE1Tv, we see Minji all excited about going to Pentaport Rock Concert after their work (they are filming something). Chaerin bids Minji “have fun” which signals young girl to get dressed for the concert. Minji comes out of the dressing room all dressed in a tight fitting high-waist skirt with her shirt tucked underneath. The unnis gasp and worries. Chaerin, in particular,  immediately turns into Omma-mode and expresses her concern for her daughter, Minzy. She even asks the managers to send a spy over for Minji to make sure she’s going to be okay.

Chaerin ah~ you are so caring for your daughter, aren’t you?

Hunchae – The Family Girl

Is Chaerin a Family Girl Type? YES is the definite answer to that questions.  She cooks, sews, cleans and basically takes care of people. Well, what about children? How well does she related with children?

We definitely see a few interactions between Chaerin and children. Look at the tenderness in her eyes and the way Hunchae speaks to children. She talks to them as if they are one of her own. Here are some photos for you to see.
Look at 2NE1’s poses for the “Letters to Angels” Domestic Adoption Campaign. In this particular photo we see CL and Minji cooing and smiling at a baby.

Uploaded by: xii4.wordpress.com

“[Angel meets CL] The angel’s face is facing immense purity, CL of 2NE1.”

What happens to CL’s fierce looks when it comes to children? It softens like an angel, indeed she’s hunhun Chaerin, Hunchae. 🙂

Here are a couple of other photos showing HunChae Omma in action. In these set  she is seen carrying a baby with Minzy and Dara at Holt Children’s Home. Jinusean’s Sean tweeted along with a few pictures of them at the children’s shelter.

“Sean’s 365 Days of Love, January 19th. I took the 2NE1 members to the Holt Children Home. The children seemed to like 2NE1′s helping hands and 2NE1 enjoyed their time with the small angels. Today’s act (of love).”

“Sleeping Angel on CL’s warm and comfortable shoulder� a picture of LOVE� CL fell asleep with the kids smiling. Did she play too hard with the other kids?”

Even with the children, CL went ‘Nolja’(Let’s play!) with the kids? Can you imagine Hunchae Omma falling asleep with a kid in her embrace? Awww, how adorable.

Omma Chaerin comes into play again during the time her younger cousin, Hyomin comes to join them during their concert rehearsal.  Want to see their conversation? Click HERE


CL – You put on some weight? That’s ok.
CL- Here, say “Hello”
Hyomin- Hello
CL- He’s my younger cousin.
Hyomin: How much do (you/I) weigh?
CL- Me?
Cousin- No, not you, me
CL- I don’t know
Hyomin- Do you know how much I weigh?
CL-That’s a secret! Don’t tell! That kind of thing is a secret

(Credits: CLtheBaddestFemale blog)

In 2NE1TV S2E2-2, Chaerin is shown looking at some baby/children’s clothes during a break in the shooting of Go Away MV.

She gushes over children clothes and mentions that she wants to have a baby too. The thought probably comes to her mind because YG sajangnim’s daughter, Yoo Jin is born at around the same time of their shoot. We see her going around the neighborhood. She spots a specialty shop where she goes in and thinks of something to do to buy some present for baby YooJin.

However, instead of getting a ready-made present for Yoo Jin, Chaerin decides to pick some fabrics and make a soft plushie for the baby.

And the plushie YangYang is born. ^_^

Hunchae caring for others

“Who among 2NE1 members you think fits the adjectives below? Caring: CL… CL is her alter ego for me, and off stage she’s so kind and cool.” – Shaun Evaristo, Choreographer & CEO/President, Movement Lifestyle

Chaerin’s care is not only reserved for those she is close to but rather it is something she shows to everyone.  In the first few episodes of 2NE1Tv Season 1, we see this quick moment where Chaerin asks the PD-nim to eat. As 2NE1 is going to have their lunch with YG-nim, she turns around and asks the PB-nim if he has eaten.

She is really so innocent with a pure heart filled with warm and love, giving concern to everyone around her.

During 2NE1’s break away from their busy schedule, Chaerin is regularly seen doing Charity works with the YG Family WITH Campaign.

CL-roo’s mood is so high and all hyped up with the family here. Despite the cold weather she participates without qualms along with the other YG family members in the charity work~

“2NE1 made a visit to the Yonsei Severance Hospital, and during their visit they donated $20,000 to assist young children with hearing disabilities. The event was not only for hearing impaired children but also other children of the ward and their families. As if donating money wasn’t enough, 2NE1 also gave out gifts and also held an autograph event.”

CL, the leader of the group, was just as excited to hang out with the children.
“Thank you for giving us a chance to help out this way. I hope that we will be able to help out on a regular basis.” – CL, 2NE1

Chaerin’s warmth and affection are not figments of a fan’s imaginations. People who see her or get the chance to see her may get  intimidated at first but that first impression dissolves with the warmth that naturally emanates from her. 2NE1Tv captures only a fraction of who and what she really is but the little that gets to be shown provides a rather telling glimpse of the warmhearted Chaerin her friends, members, and people she works with see.

Videos and Graphics belong to their respective owners/uploaders and were only compiled by CLTBF.com for this article.


We hope this article warmed you and prepared you for tonight. Yes, be ready to flood twitterlandia and join us in welcoming CL’s 22nd Birthday. Tweet away you guys. Please leave us your comments, they truly encourage us. ♥

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  1. “Heartwarming Chaerin has this kind of smile that immediately brings you a different kind of feeling right in your stomach. It’s like sipping your mom’s chicken soup when it’s snowing outside and the weather is hitting the negatives. Whenever she smiles, her eyes turn into two crescents, they are so genuine and precious that you can’t help to look and smile back at her.”

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