[Editorial] Dichotomy of CL, the Fashionista: Part 2 (D-4 to Chaerin’s 22nd Birthday) (February 23, 2012)

D-4 and this is PART 2 of our 4th installment on the editorial series to celebrate Chaerin’s 22nd birthday. Welcome and join us in this journey on the evolution of CL and Lee Chaerin as the Fashionista. Sit tight and get ready for this  shopping trip with CL and Lee Chaerin.


By: Miranda at CLtheBaddestFemale.com

OFF Mode: Lee Chaerin 

Okay, now that CL is in her Lee Chaerin mode I propose that we raid her wardrobe secretly, shall we?

Before She Hits the Stage

Look at the young Chaerin, awww, how adora- Oh, wait a minute, I mean look at the way she dresses! It is quite evident that she already had the hip-hop spirit in her when she was a lot younger. As you can see, she is dressed  in blue sleeveless top and loose jeans.  Check out her pose, can you see the future Fashionista right here?

So it seems that a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans are a must in Chaerin’s pre-debut closet. But nothing is so simple for her though, not when she can add a scarf around her neck at times to enhance a style.

Later on in her trainee days, she added a hoodie, a fur lined jacket, and occasionally  a hat to her now growing list of dress down get up.  I bet we all know where she got this fashion style from. Yes, it’s CL’s most beloved Teddy-oppa. ^^

Source: letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com

Be it a pair or sweat pants or jeans, topped with a t-shirt under a fur jacket or a black hoodie, the style is something you can’t put aside. She still rocks the look and manages to make the rather everyday clothes as if a stylist put them together. One classic hairstyle that seemed to dominate the halls of YG, from G-Dragon to Dara, is this “apple hairstyle”. Make a guess on who was the original wearer of this ‘apple hairstyle’? Tada! It is Lee Chaerin! And looking at her old photos, it looks like it’s really  a favorite pre-debut hairstyle she uses as well.

Behind the Stage Performances

Quick!!! Take a second glance at Chaerin’s wardrobe while she is away for practices and rehearsals. Have you noticed the common items in her wardrobe? Yes,  sleeveless top, T-shirts with crazy prints, and uber cool sweat pants. She wears sweater and jacket over the top during colder seasons. Notice also that she loves wearing oversized shirts over a pair of leggings and a favorite pair of sneaks, Adidas or Louboutins perhaps? Comfortable yet fashionable is how I describe her style when she’s just playing it cool in rehearsals or in more relaxed radio shows. They may be simple clothes but we can see how even in her off stage moments, Chaerin actually wears the clothes and not the other way around.

Check out some of her rehearsal and while-waiting-for-MV-filming get up in these photos.

Chaerin in rehearsal wearing a Christopher Kane t-shirt and a pair of Christian Louboutin hi-top sneakers

While waiting at the set of the "UGLY" MV, Chaerin wore a Karl Tank Black Dress and the ultrasoft oversized square dress Versed Grey, all UK fashion brand Ground Zero.

Airport Fashion

The airport has become an unofficial runway for celebrities these days, especially for idols, and Korean media has made several headlines out of celebrities and pop idols traversing this international port. 2NE1’s schedule has been packed lately and has been visiting places outside of Korea like they were simply visiting Hongdae district. In 2011, most specifically, the airport has been their second most visited place. Chaerin has had several photos snapped from this particular runway and there’d been a couple of hits and misses with her so-called airport fashion. Let me get to my personal least liked style on her.

Her controversial Sibling jacket is something that I am not taking a liking to. Maybe it is a good choice for “UGLY” stages but for an off stage clothes, for me it’s a big no-no. Still, she manages to make the jacket look cool and casual, despite the neon prints and the really loud statements.

“The young songstress was caught under the fire of netizen for her dressing. Her sweater from Sibling London Spring/Summer 2011 had profanities written all over it. Chrome Hearts sunglasses, Balmain denim and Rick Owens sneakers to complete her look. She also carried a back-pack and Louis Vuitton passport holder.” - http://www.eiffelinseoul.com

This one here is probably my second least favourite airport fashion from Chaerin.  If we look at the clothes separately, each fashion pieces is great on its own but the whole mix and match here is, for me, totally off. I am not sure if it was a deliberate choice from her or maybe it was something that was just pulled right off the bat because she wore this when she flew back from Japan at the wake of an earthquake. The maxi dress looked big on her small frame and the Balmian jacket drowned her. (On a side note, I think it may have looked better if a belt was slung on her hip.) The Christian Louboutin sneaker is also totally out because really the color is just too way off. In my opinion, sneaker never goes well with maxi dress, not at all! Strangely enough though, if not for the sneakers, the ensemble would have passed off safe on her.

“CL arrived at Gimpo Airport on March 12, 2011 fashionably. She was dressed in a top from Balmain which acts as an outerwear with Funktional maxi dress from Spring/Summer 2011 and Christian Louboutin Superball sneakers. Ksubi Musca Sunglasses to complete the look.” - http://www.eiffelinseoul.com

Now that we’ve gone through my least liked airport styling on her, let’s go to the good ones. Chaerin looks chic with the fierce bull knit sweater in this airport snap of her. Her JS X Long champ bag and a cool pair of sunglasses round up a good airport fashion from Chaerin.

Do you remember that I previously mentioned about Chaerin having this Christopher Kane one of a kind lace biker jacket design? Well, here we see Chaerin in her Christopher Kane lace biker jacket again and paired it off with a leopard print leggings reminiscent of her TRY TO FOLLOW ME style. I love how she softened the look with her little Hello Kitty necklace and a small Rilakkuma plushie. We see Chaerin’s cuteness and fierceness in this outfit!

“CL arrived at Incheon airport in a Christopher Kane lace biker jacket, Crash Hello Kitty x Ambush necklace in gold (Sold Out), Dior‘s “Chicago” sunglasses in black (£275.00 @ Dior) , and a Rilakkuma plushie.”

“It -6°C in Seoul, but CL sizzle in the cold weather showing off her gorgeous legs at Gimpo airport, wearing none other than the Wolford Bondage Tights. The pricey tights by Wolford are very popular among entertainers because of their sexy and unique designs. Over the past year, celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Kelis, Cheryl Cole, Jessie J and many more have been seen wearing it. Each one chose to rock them differently adding a little flare to their outfits, but the tights were always the focal point.”

Agreeing with the comments that the writer has made, the Fashionista Chaerin did not give up on presenting her fashionable self despite the cold weather.  Chaerin definitely looked great and sexy with those seductive Wolford bondage tights she wore underneath her hot shorts and with her Balmain jacket.

Last but not least, Chaerin has found an airport fashion must have. Whether she’s sporting an all-black look or colorful mix and match, this hot fashion hot item has been always by her side. Let me introduce you to her hottest airport fashion item recently. Drumroll, please…. tadah! It is Mr. RILAKKUMA, did you get it right? We have been seeing this little bear around Chaerin for a while now. The bear definitely gets bigger and bigger after each overseas trip.

Aside from the clothes, Chaerin also has really appropriate luggages as well. She has been lugging around a couple of Louis Vuitton and, look, a Rilakkuma luggage recently spotted by Blackjacks.


A break away from the hectic schedule as an idol is good but how does Chaerin dresses during her time away from the limelight in Seoul? One thing that’s noticeable is wherever her vacation is, she dresses according to the local style with her own touch of flavor. She matches her clothes with how the local would normally dress. Let’s see, from her first Japan vacation together with 2NE1 stylists and Mademoiselle Yulia (DJ/Singer), her outfit had a similar feel to ‘I DON’T CARE’: denim vest, sleeveless printed tee, and a multi-color combat trouser. Chaerin’s choice of clothes here totally fits the fashion trend at that time in Japan.

Her succeeding trips to Japan, and I tell you there were many, she is seen in even more fun and wonderful outfits. Take a look here.

Chaerin is seen in an Adidas Run DMC sweater and a pair of skinny jeans, looking like the girl next door who is all ready to go out with friends and watch a good football match. Her main fashion point in this one? Her MCM bag.

Here’s a mention from MCM Korea regarding CL’s MCM bagpack.

Translation: Fashion leader in the Idol’s world , What is 2ne1’s everyday bag? Discovering 2NE1′s daily life through Sandara Park’s Me2day. MCM’s backpacks! MCM specially made this Stark’s backpack for CL. And for Dara it appears to be the Patricia Field’s backpack. Source: @MCM_KOREA, Translated by: sieljjang@clthebaddestfemale.com

At her third trip to Japan, Chaerin is all ‘fashion-armored’ with clothes from Fake Tokyo CANDY! ” Chaerin here looks all fashionable, hip, and trendy at Candy. She wore deep violet beanie lending a hint of to the otherwise street outfit.  She is seen here wearing KTZ‘s “Geenie” Kahki pants, Rick Owens‘ high top trainers, Piers Atkinson‘s Double Pom Pom Beanie in blue, Maison Martin Margiela‘s cut-out mesh top, and Chrome Hearts tank top.”

Chaerin probably got her penchant for travelling from her father. Early last year Chaerin went to visit France with her father during her break and closed out the year with a trip to New York for MTV Iggy with her members. I’m excited to share her vacation fashion here.

She visited both places during their winter season, France in early February and New York in December. In France we see mademoiselle Chaerin in a more clean cut clothes and style. She looks chic and elegant in this classically cut white coat, stocking and knee-high black boots. Comparing it to her Japan or Korea style, her France get-up is more polished and European. Letting her hair hanging loose keeps her look young and carefree, imbibing that French air of “C’est la vie”.

“Everyone wears black in New York” or so one movie says. Chaerin again does not disappoint. She goes around New York all decked in black and makes her look just like one of the New Yorkers enjoying Central Park on that cold December day.  Dressed casually, doesn’t she look lovely and just plain adorable compared to her strong fierceness on stage? Don’t you just feel like hugging her in your arms right now? Because I do now! ><

We get wind of Chaerin during their latest vacation in the Philippines. She is seen arriving at the airport wearing a subdued baggy top paired with black leggings. Her look was understated and blends in with the weather and culture of the Filipino people.


From Manila, Chaerin and 2NE1 flew to a resort in Bagacay, Albay (that’s south of Manila). And here we see Chaerin crossing her style with her alter-ego CL since the vacation they had was actually a mix of pleasure and business.

Here we see a boyish, hip-hop fashion from Chaerin while she walks about Bay Resort. She’s wearing a sleeveless graphic tee, ripped denim baggy pants over the black leggings, matching with a sneaker to complete the look

Source: @marvincoyu

Fashion Sign-off

The best-dressed woman in the world is CL of the Korean K-POP group 2NE1. She always looks stunning and her outfits perfectly describe who she is. – Angelo Elizabeth, Stylist/Co-owner of Fashion Watcher

An actress once said that the clothes you wear and how you carry yourself speaks to others how you will be treated. I don’t know if Chaerin has heard this spoken but somehow she is unwittingly following a similar mantra. The dichotomy that she has created for herself manages to communicate to people not only her fashion style but also how she wants to be perceived and treated on stage and off stage.

As a performer and artist, CL  is careful to match her clothing style to the beat or atmosphere of the songs they are promoting. On stage she communicates a playful and yet strong, independent woman who makes the stage her playground, pulling you along with her. At times she makes you want to try out the clothes she wears, at other times she makes you cringe and say, “No, thanks, the clothes are better off on you.”  Her every accessory completes a look that enhances the atmosphere she is trying to create: a pair of sunglasses to give that western vibe, a touch of metal to give off that grunge-rocker feel or a hint of color to give you that Korean.

As normal little girl Chaerin maintains a playful and fun ensemble not afraid to express the adventurous side of her youth but at the same time carries with her this sense of decency with her choice of color, dress length, and style. She knows the right timing when to dress down or up and careful as well to dress accordingly trying not to offend the people of a country she is visiting by making sure she dresses not over the top or too loud but still in step with current trends or local culture. She mixes her youthful exuberance and maturity acquired through her interactions with the world outside her own quite well.

What makes Chaerin a fashionista is not by her own claim or her attempt to keep in trend with the latest fashion styles. She is a fashionista because she loves clothes, she loves dressing up, and she is just naturally one. She is born a Fashionista, lives like a Fashionista and plays like a Fashionista all the time.


Videos and Graphics belong to their respective owners/uploaders and were only compiled by CLTBF.com for this article.


Hope you had fun with this review of our fashionista CL. Please stay tuned for more and keep those comments coming. They do warm our hearts. ♥

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10 responses to “[Editorial] Dichotomy of CL, the Fashionista: Part 2 (D-4 to Chaerin’s 22nd Birthday) (February 23, 2012)

  1. I didn’t miss it 😀 I watched it on the first day the clip was on.
    And I’m impressed by CL’s sweater. I really like this sweater. She looks absolutely fashionable on this.
    It’s doesn’t matter what the words on her clothe are (it’s just the clothes, man..!), the matter is how perfect the words, the colors be set up on this sweater. 🙂 🙂
    In my opinon, this is the coolest sweater of CL among all the sweaters she has. And it is the one that I love the most ^.^

  2. It was fun reading again!! And, to be totally honest, I can relate to her “Chaerin” fashion more than to her “CL” fashion lol!
    Chaerin loves streetwear!

    Thanks again for the informative tutorial!!

    Looking forward to the next one (I’m wondering what it’ll be about!)

    • Thanks a lot for reading on! <33 I can understand what you meant too! Since CL's fashion is more like a performer's fashion, we can't really relate much but to relate to the off mode fashion side as Chaerin! ^_^

      I'm looking forward on posting them up as well! Stay till the next editorial! =D

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