How to register at Soribada:

1. Go to the registration page (Please use internet explorer)
(1 ID streams numerous songs per day // download only 1 ID to 1 song per day)

2. Click ‘Subscribe’ under Foreigner

3.  Click ‘동의’ (Agree) to the Terms and Conditions

And click ‘동의’ (Agree) again


Enter your personal information


– For the real name, please dont put in any spaces in between the characters
– For birthdate, enter the year (년), then the month (월), then the day (일)
– Choose 양력 next to the birthdate box
– the image file for your ID or passport must be in jpg or gif and must not exceed kb


If u try to submit and there seems to be an error, try changing your login ID or nickname, as there may be someone on their system already with the same name

5.  If all the information is entered correctly, you should see this page after you submit

You should be all done. Please wait a few days for registration to go through.

Online Streaming

1.  Go to and then login with your account (please do this in Internet Explorer)

2.  Find the 3000 won for one month streaming coupon as shown and click 구매.

Note : Do NOT click the one on the line above because that’s 3000 won monthly direct debit. If you click that then 3300won will be deducted from your credit card every month.

3.  A pop up window will appear. Make sure that both boxes are checked near the bottom, then click 즉시 구매 to buy

4. On the next window, check the box near the top, choose 신용카드 (credit card) – the underlined words in the picture below, then click 충전 to go to next screen.

5.  Next window should say 3300 won (3000 + 10% VAT), click 확인 to confirm

6. You then should get a prompt telling you to install a program. Install it as it is the payment/transaction program utilised by Soribada. You should get a window something like this.

The window should actually initially be in Korean but once it finishes installing, there should be a button on the top right hand corner which says English and you can switch to English by clicking on it. If you get a bit of gibberish/overlapping of Korean and English words, click between English and Korean and it should clear itself up

7. After clicking on Proceed, on the next window you should see a list of credit cards. Go to Others and choose Overseas on the drop down menu.

8.  After clicking Overseas, a space to enter your credit card details should appear.

Enter your credit card details and click complete.

9.  Your name from your soribada account should appear with your transaction details on the left. Enter your email address and click Complete.

10.  Give it a few moments for it to process

If it fails to work, you may have to enter your card details again and try again or if it still doesnt work you may have to start from the beginning again (It took me 3 goes before it worked, it just kept failing for some odd reason)

If everything is ok, you should get a pop up window telling you the period your streaming coupon is valid.

To see the details of your coupon, you can click on the ‘MY’ button next to your login name on the top right hand corner after you have logged on, then click 마이페이지 (My page) and you should see something like this. The underlined part shows the period in which your coupon is valid.




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