☆ Streaming + Voting Tutorials + Purchasing Mnet Stream Passes and Songs

What can international fans do to help and support 2NE1? It’s simple, all you have to do is “STREAM”!

Let’s start with the general breakdown of the ranking system.

KBS Music Bank K-Chart requirements:

Digital (song downloads on music sites, song streaming on music sites, song downloads on mobile, caller ring on mobile) – 65%*
Broadcast Frequency on KBS TV – 20%
Audience Preference/Liking (Viewers Choice) – 10%
Album Sales – 5% *

SBS Inkigayo requirements for the Mutizen:

Digital sales -50%
SNS- 30%
mobile votes – 20% [of the total score]

The SNS points will be calculated based on artists’ popularity on social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter. Fans will also be able to cast their mobile votes through SBS’ official mobile app, SOTY. The free SOTY app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android

How to Vote in SBS Inkigayo SOTY Application

Mnet M! Countdown reguirements:

To vote: http://mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/vote.m

1. Purchasing Mnet Stream Passes


2. Purchasing songs from Mnet



  • Use Internet Explorer to prevent any errors.
  • You need a Mnet Korea account to be able to purchase the above passes.
  • You would need to change your proxy in order to be able to purchase. Steps to changing proxy is here . Don’t worry, you can change your proxy back after you’ve completed the purchase.
  • Mnet Korea no longer allow foreigners living overseas to register there. But, if you’ve registered at Mnet Korea when they still allowed foreigners to, then you can use your Mnet Korea account registered then, to purchase the passes.
  • How to know if your account is a Mnet Korea account or a Mnet global account?

– If you remember registering through the Mnet Korea page, then your account is most likely a Mnet Korea account.

– For foreigners, when you go to mnet.com, you’ll usually be directed to http://global.mnet.com/index.m
From there, you need to navigate to mnet kr. Look for a “FOOTER” link at the bottom of your browser.
Click on it, and look for “Mnet Korea”, click on it. You’ll be directed to the Mnet korea page.
Now try logging in with your id and password. Id is not your email address.
If your log in is successful, then your account is a Mnet korea account.
If log in is not successful, then your account is a Mnet global account.

If you registered at Mnet global page, then your account is definitely a Mnet global account and not a Mnet Korea account.

With a Mnet Korea account, you can now proceed to purchase the passes.
Steps are in the tutorials linked above. 🙂

After purchasing the passes, you can go to http://www.mnet.com/album/260222 and add 6jib songs to your mnet player.


This might help: https://newmember.mn…h.asp?gnbcode=2


Download the player from here: http://www.mnet.com/…nloadForWeb.php
Install the player. After installing the player, open the player and log in. Then search “2NE1” or “CL” Songs will be listed.
Hover over the song title, click ‘+곡추가 ‘ to add songs to your player. After adding all the songs, you can start streaming! ^^

Please register first so you’ll be able to vote and have your account ready.

(Credit to sj-world and as tagged)


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