Authentication Shot #6: CL Wearing CLTBF’s Prada ‘Baroque’ Round Sunglasses at Incheon Airport (June 28, 2013)

First off, doesn’t Chae look absolutely gorgeous today? Although she was dressed casually, her beauty radiates all around.  Check out that billion dollar smile. CL was spotted wearing the Prada sunglasses that we gifted her from last year at Incheon airport on June 28. 2NE1 was heading to Singapore to perform at GD’s One of a Kind World Tour ^__^

Secondly, we truly believe we have the most amazing followers! ^____^ Some of you noticed the sunglasses right away from our previous project!

We can’t get over how amazing she looks with it.

The sunglasses were from our 10th project which you can check out here—>

On July 2, Chaerin updated her instagram with a sexy and stylish photo of herself wearing the Prada sunglasses again! ^^


Thank you so much Chaerin-ah for showing us your love time and time again ♥

This is all thanks to our wonderful and generous donors. We really can’t thank you all enough (I’m sure we sound like a broken record by now haha)

We were so happy when we saw photos of Chae wearing it. Your contribution and partake in this project made this possible.  You know what made this even more special was that this was from our 3rd Anniversary project T__T

All of you helped us achieve our goal and we are so very thankful and humbly appreciative for your love and support.  As we have stated before, all of us here at CLTBF believe that every little thing you have shared to this project has brought a thousand smile on Chaerin’s face.

Thank you very much.

Photos courtesy of chaelin_cl + + Frolicker_21


2 responses to “Authentication Shot #6: CL Wearing CLTBF’s Prada ‘Baroque’ Round Sunglasses at Incheon Airport (June 28, 2013)

  1. Wow you look lovey in this Sunglasses..What a lovely blog! your looks are truly beautiful! You’ve given me lots of inspiration here. Thank you so very much!

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