Solo Discography


Hot Issue

Big Bang 2nd Mini Album

Hot Issue Intro – G-Dragon ft. CL

SBS Gayo Music Award

Freedom & Soul Stage – YG Family

First Stage for CL – Official introduce her as a part of YG


Uhm Jung Hwa DISCOUhm Jung Hwa 1st Mini Album D.I.S.C.O.

DJ – Uhm Jung Hwa ft. CL

MBC Music Core Live Performance

SBS Inkigayo Live Performace

Mnet M!Countdown Live Performance

Big Bang Stand Up

Big Bang 3rd Mini Album – Stand Up

A Good Man (4th Track)- Big Bang ft. CL


YMGA 1st Mini Album – Made in R.O.K

What – Feature along with YG Family (Teddy, Kush, Masta Wu, G-Dragon, Perry, etc..)



G-Dragon 1st Album – Heartbreaker

Leaders (Wassup) – G-Dragon, Teddy, CL

BTS Video

Free Image Hosting at

Dara Digital Single

Kiss – Dara ft. CL

Free Image Hosting at

CL & Minzy Digital Single

Please Don’t Go

More Pre-Debut Picture & Videos


May 28, 2013

CL’s 1st Solo Single!!!!!


Credit: Double Click on the Video would lead to straight to the source

7 responses to “Solo Discography

  1. Hello, I’m Raúl, a Spanish blackjack. Maybe you’ve seen my recent 2NE1 “Hate you” video plushes!

    I’m wondering if it is ever been confirmed that CL appears here:

    Big Bang 3rd Mini Album – Stand Up
    (A Good Man (4th Track)- Big Bang ft. CL)

    I’m not sure but I’ve seen your site cites this to be so. Just wondering if it’s officially well known.


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